Power-Building Workout – Pull Day A – Back, Traps, Biceps –

Greetings, all. Today I’ve got my first pull workout of the week.

When you see something like “60SRP” it means ’60 second rest period’. All of my workouts start out with a heavy compound lift, done powerlifting style. Then all other lifts are done bodybuilding style, with the rest periods becoming shorter & shorter, ramping up the intensity.

Let’s get it…

Pre-workout I have 2 scoops of Cookies & Creme Muscle Milk, mixed with 5g glutamine & 2g of kre-alkalyn creatine.

Pull Day A

Rack Pulls [bar above knee] – [no lifting straps] 225×6, 275×4, [with straps]320×5, 5, [no straps] 225×5

Bent Over Row – 185×9, 8, 10, 60SRP

HammerStrength Lat Pulldown – 165×9, 8, 8, 60SRP

HammerStrength Shrugs – 250×10 for 5 sets, 30SRP

I’ve gained a lot of strength on these shrugs. When I do them on Thursdays without a timed rest period, I sets with 5 plates per arm now, hitting 8 reps on average.

Machine Preacher Curl – 65×10, 80×10, 8, 2, 30SRP

Wide/Close Grip Preacher Bar Cable Curl Superset – 3 sets at 50, 30SRP

What you do here is attach a bar that looks like an EZ bar. Grab it on the wider handles and do curls until you’re close to failure, then grab them on the inner handles and repeat until failure. That’s a set.

Delt Flies – 15×10 for 5 sets, 15SRP

Forearm Roller – 3 sets with a 10lb plate

Incline Walk – 20 minutes

Post-work out I downed 20oz of Gatorade, and then after the incline walk I have 50g of whey isolate with 5g glutamine & 2g of kre-alkalyn creatine.


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