Push Day – Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Abs

arnold-incline2_570_334_c1Greetings, all. Running late today, so it’s just gonna be the workout. I’ll post a bigger update tomorrow, plus you guys are gonna get some gym footage.

Alright, let’s get it.

Flat Bench – 235×5, 5, 5, 3

I’m trying to get to 250×5 for 3 sets. I started this two weeks ago, with the first three sets being 235 for 5, 4, 3. Last week it was 235 for 5, 5, 4. This week I finally hit it for 5 for all three sets, which felt great. I recorded this, and will have the footage up tomorrow.

Chest Press – 195×15

After freeweight bench, I like to do a set till failure on the chest press and just focus on the muscle. It works so damn well.

Dumbell Overhead Press – 50×10, 7, 40×8, 60SRP

Dips On Asst Machine – 30×9, 8, 7, 60SRP

The asst machine takes weight off your body, so it was like I was doing bodyweight dips at 225lbs. I can do standard bodyweight dips, but after heavy bench & intense shoulder work, I don’t want to just throw 255lbs on them with dips. So, I’ve been making myself stronger week by week at them so when I get back down to straight bodyweight, 255lbs won’t be such a shock.

Machine Flies – 145×10 for 5 sets, 30SRP

Cable Tricep Pressdown – 130×10 for 3 sets, 30SRP

Reverse Cable Tricep Pressdown – 80×10 for 3 sets, followed by 60×6, 40×8 immediately after the last set of 80. 30SRP

Sitting Lat Raise Machine – 20×10 for 3 sets, 30×10 for 3 sets, 15SRP

Crunch Machine – 20lbs times 7 for 3 sets

Captains Chair Reverse Crunch – 2 sets of 8

Incline Walk – 10 minutes

Pre & Post workout the same as always.

I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Remember, you’ll never regret a workout.


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