Push Day 2 – Shoulders, Upper Chest, Triceps, Forearms – Plus, The Best Exercise To Burn Fat

arnold-shoulder-pressingGreetings, all.

Lately I’ve been talking about all the BS devices and programs out there designed to melt the fat off you with ease, as well as paying attention to the small things in order to build the big picture. Well, today I’m gonna tell you guys about something that’ll guarantee get the fat off of you and build some muscle, if you keep at it.

Incline walking. No joke. For decades and decades we’ve been told to do cardio. We see people do it every single day at the gym. Cardio bunnies hitting the treadmill, or the elliptical. Years later, their knees and ankles are shot from jogging, and they aren’t looking that great. The reason for that is because steady-state cardio f’ning sucks. It’s boring, it doesn’t do much for fat-loss, and worst of all, it’s very hard on the body. When I was 19, I was overweight and decided to start up a program. The one thing it involved was running 2 miles. I lost some fat at the beginning, as anyone does, but then the weightloss stopped, I gained little to no muscle, I looked flat, and weak. Doing all the running was screwing up everything.

So, around 6 months when I wanted to drop a little fat, I did my research and found out that incline walking was the answer. I gave it a shot, and it’s fantastic. First off, you don’t dread it like you do normal cardio. You’re able to watch the TV, or your phone, or read, without any hassle. It burns fat/keeps it in check like nothing else, it’s very easy on the body, it gives you a nice cardio workout, and it builds up the muscle in your legs. When you really start getting that incline u p there, your calves, hams, quads & glutes really start to take shape and get a nice sculpt to them, hence why I recommend you incline walk after every leg workout.

Now, as to why incline walking, or hell, even walking works better than steady state cardio, was explained to me as such: if you have a racecar, you can’t use standard gas station gasoline, you need a high performance fuel. But your standard car, which is going much slower, requires a lower grade fuel. See, when you’re running, your body uses up calories that you’ve eaten today, as well as the glycogen in your muscles. Now when you’re walking, it uses the low grade fuel, also known as your bodyfat. This secret of the trade use to be the special tool bodybuilders used come contest time, but now it’s becoming well known. So much so that I see incline-walking specific treadmills on TV. So, if you’re having a bit of a problem in the fat department, hit up incline walking, you’ll be amazed.

Now let’s get it…

Pre-Workout: 2 scoops C&C Muscle Milk, 5g Glutamine, 2g Kre-Alkalyn.

Over-Head Press – 135×5, 150×5, 5, 7, 95×10 120SRP

Standing Over-Head Press is a move I rarely see people do, and something they most definitely should. I’m pretty thick in the shoulders & upper chest, and I believe a big part of that is due to the standing over-head press.

Hammer Strength Incline Press – 195×8, 8, 8, 60SRP

Chest Press – 170×10, 10, 10, 60SRP

I usually do Close Grip Bench here, but I really like the Chest Press machine for tricep activation. You don’t have to worry about stabilizing anything, and can completely focus on the muscle working.

Standing Incline Cable Flies – 20×10 for 3 sets, 17.5×10 for 2 sets

Tricep Rope Pushdown Superset – 90×10/40×10, 90×10/40×8, 90×9/40×7, 30SRP

Nothing too hard to explain here, just do a simple set heavy, then immediately do one after, light.

Single Arm Tricep Pushdown – 40×10, 10, 10, 30SRP

Standing Lateral Raise – 17.5×10 for 5 sets, 15SRP

Forearm Roller – 3 sets of up & down with a 10lb plate. 30SRP

Incline Walk – 10 minutes.

Post-Workout: 24oz of Gatorade, 5g of Glutamine, 2g of Kre-Alkalyn Creatine. 20 minutes later I had 2 scoops of C&C Muscle Milk.

Before I go, just wanted to let you guys know that I’m doing a mail-bag article in a few days, so if there’s a question you’d like to ask, and it doesn’t have to be about just bodybuilding/fitness, you can ask whatever you want. Anyway, if you have a question, just hit me up at caliberw@hotmail.com.

Remember, hip cats, you’ll never regret a workout.


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