’s Project Mass – Day 26 – Strength Based Push Day

francobenchGreetings, all.

I’m close to 260lbs, and when I started my bulk I was 250lb. I don’t exactly have a weight goal, but more so goals in the gym. I’d like to have a 400lb deadlift, as well as a 300lb squat. So, that combined with my 300lb bench would give me me a 1000lb total, something I’d be more than happy about.

But the bulk, the new program, and the BioGro are all coming together very nicely. I’m looking bigger than ever, as well as more defined, meaning I haven’t put on any bodyfat, or if I have, it’s very minimal. My numbers keep going up on the strength lifts, so at the moment I’m in the zone where everything comes together, and I start getting that out-of-wack ego where I think I’m the greatest muscle building machine ever and start my plans to conquer the 2015 Mr. Olympia. Imagine, the first ever fat buff Mr. Olympia. I think that’s a dream we all share.

Alrighty, let’s get it…

Pre-Workout: 2 scoops of C&C Muscle Milk, 2g of Kre-Alkalyn Creatine, 1 scoop of BioGro.

Decline Bench – 225×5, 245×3

Hammer Strength Decline Bench – 270×5, 320×5

I hate the free-weight decline bench at my gym. I don’t have very long legs, and with decline you have to have them off the end. Doing that, it pulls me further up than I’d like to be. Also, placing your legs below the bench, locking them into place with their apparatus sucks. It pinches my legs and makes me feel like I’m benching in an iron maiden. It’s real uncomfortable. I’ve used benches where your legs are up above, and that’s way more comfortable and helps you get into a perfect position. So, I gave it a shot, but I was gonna end up hurting myself if I didn’t move on to the Hammer Strength.

Flat Bench – 225×7, 275×2, 245×4

Snagged myself a PR today. I’ve been after 2 reps at 275 for a while now, and could absolutely not break it. Today though? No problem at all. I actually think I could have hit 3 reps, but on the way down from the first I hit a hook, and that completely through off my pattern & momentum.

Over Head Press – 115×5, 125×5, 5, 5

Dips – bodyweight x7, 5, 6, 6

This workout had be damn thankful for my wrist wraps, which is something I highly recommend if you guys do heavy compound lifts, because you can develop a myriad of injuries if you don’t get some extra support. Plus, it can help push out a couple extra reps, or add a few numbers to your lifts.

4 sets of ab exercises.

I never do ab work, and decided it’s about time. I remember reading an issue of The Punisher once where a group of guys were beating on him, and one said his stomach felt like a brick wall, so, naturally, that’s what your boy has to have.

Post-Workout: 24oz of Gatorade, 2 scoops of C&C Muscle Milk, 2g of Kre-Alkalyn Creatine, 1 scoop of BioGro.

Alright, hip cats, I’m outta here. I’ll see you tomorrow for some strength based back day. Till then: remember when I said I’d kill you last? I lied.


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