’s Project Mass – Day 46 – Hypertrophy Based Leg Day

jay-cutler-leg-workoutGreetings, all.

Your boy is running late, so I’m just gonna get to the workout. It’s go time.

Alrighty, let’s get it.

Pre-Workout: 2 scoops of C&C Muscle Milk, 2g of Kre-Alkalyn Creatine, 1 scoop of BioGro.

Hack Squat – 140×8, 180×8, 10

Often times with Hacks I’ve never gone through the entire range of motion. Well, I tried it out today, and it instantly turned those bad-boys into my favorite leg exercise. If you guys haven’t given these a try, absolutely do so on your next leg day. Make sure you get as low as you can, without risk of injury, naturally. I touch my hamstrings to my ankles, then drive back up. It hits every part of your leg completely, and exhausts the hell out of them.

Single Leg Press – 180×8, 8, 8

For those who don’t like lunges, give these a try. I can’t do them [lunges] because it feels like I’m gonna break my f’ning toe, and then it ends up hurting for weeks afterward.

Hyper-Extension – 8, 8, 8

Sitting Leg Curls – 140×8, 8, 8

Leg Extension – 75×8, 8, 12

Yeah, 75lbs is pretty damn weak for leg extensions, but that’s because of how damn tired my quads were due to the hack squats.

Sitting Calf Extension – 120 for a set of 8 or so, then I’d drop 30lbs, go till almost failure, drop another 30lbs and again go till almost failure. I did three rounds of these.

Incline Walk – 15 minutes

Post-Workout: 24oz of Gatorade, 30g of Whey Isolate, 2g of Kre-Alkalyn Creatine, 1 scoop of BioGro.

We’re still amidst the de-load week, so that’s why the sets & reps are rather low. Hell, the program actually called for only two sets, but I just can’t do that.

Alright you hip cats, I’ll see you tomorrow for a hypertrophy based push day that I’m pretty sure will be so great that it will be turned into a 3 hour drama starring Denzel Washington that will go on to win at least 20 Oscars.


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