’s Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Blueprint – Day 36 – Chest & Back

Arnold-Lift-HeavyGreetings, all.

OK, I’m running real late in the day here, so I’m gonna cheap out and simply do the workout update.

Alrighty, let’s get it.

Pre-Workout: 2 scoops of C&C Muscle Milk, 5g of Creatine.

Intra-Workout: 24oz of Gatorade, 1 scoop of BCAA with a 4:1:1 profile.

Incline Bench – 140×4, 4, 160×4, 4, 170×4, 4, 185×4, 4, 4, 4

Today I went for the more intense route. Usually with the last half of these sets I rest for about a minute or two, especially to get the heavier sets. But today I was a stickler for the 45 seconds, so I stuck around the 185.

Flat Bench – 135×7, 185×6, 195×6, 6, 6, 6

Same here.

Machine Flyes – 140×12, 12, 12, 12, 12
Incline Cable Flyes – 12.5×12, 12, 12, 12, 12

Wide Grip Machine Pulldowns – 99×20, 136×10, 10, 177×5, 5

Bent Over Barbell Row – 135×8, 160×8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8
T-Bar Row – 50×8, 75×8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8

Today I did the traditional T-Bar Rows, because they do so much more than just work your back. Your whole body stabilizes it, and helps to keep it up. They’re awesome. Also, use 25lb plates, so that way you have a much greater range of motion.

Full Body Stretch– 10 minutes

Incline Cardio – 20 minutes

Post-Workout: 40g of Whey Isolate, 5g of Creatine.

I really dig the stretching afterwards, and hope to see a lot of mobility improvement as a result. I’ll keep you hip cats up to date. OK, for now I’m outta here, and I’ll see you guys tomorrow for a Shoulders & Arms workout so burly, the printed version taste like a steak.


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