Crossfit, Bodybuilding’s younger, ADHD brother.

The names Michael, I’m the Crossfit guy here. I’m pretty sure you will see a lot of back and forth between Caliber and I, since he is super jealous that he is too buff fat to do an actual pull-up. Now don’t get me wrong, Crossfit can be a joke at times. Just yesterday I watched a video of some idiots doing terrible cleans, I was just waiting for their backs to pop. The whole time you can hear some lady in the background continuously saying “nice!”

I used to do the standard one body part a day, 5 workouts, 4 sets, 8 to 10 reps, but that got extremely boring. I gave Crossfit a try and loved it. You will never see me sacrifice form to beat the clock though. I don’t jump around trying to beat my best time because I want to have a working spine when I’m in my 50s. With that being said, here is my plan for myself here.

The workout of the day I create daily will be tailored to certain superheros, video game characters, cartoon characters, and the like. Also, I encourage people to give me characters they would like to see me create workouts for, it doesn’t matter who, I’ll figure something out.

On that note, here is the workout I created for today.

Morning workout:

Power Clean


AMRAP in 6 minutes

12 KB Swings

12 Ball Slams

Row as far as you can in 3 minutes.

Afternoon workout:

15 minutes of 100 yard sprints

I didn’t have a name for this one because I didn’t plan ahead and I suck. Going forward though I will. Hopefully an About Me section is created in this place and you can learn about me. I really want people to know that I’m not the chubby one.

Oh, and I never kip…ever.


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