Ronnie Coleman’s 800lb Squat

There’s a lot of reasons Ronnie Coleman is called the greatest bodybuilder of all time. Now, I’m always gonna be partial to Arnold, but I have zero issue with Ronnie being called the greatest. Do I believe him to look the best? No, not necessarily. However, he’s the definition of a genetic monster, an absolute marvel. Then you have his strength, as he trained as a powerlifter, and years of that created dense, thick muscle most bodybuilders don’t have. He’s an absolute mass monster, but still proportionate.

Beyond the physics, you had the work ethic. Nobody trained as hard as Ronnie. Although he’d take 2-3 months off a year, which I always thought was kinda lame, the remaining 9 months he was an absolute beast. Training with mostly free-weights, and training hard and HEAVY. As you’ll see here in this video. 5 weeks out from Mr. Olympia, 5 freaking weeks out, and he squats 800lbs, for REPS. And these aren’t some half squats or some BS, these are parallel reps. After he does this, he gives a great quote, and something I often think about when I’m going for a PR of some sorts.

So, check out Big Ron, and watch him kick some serious ass. Yeah, buddy.


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