Current Program, Goals, plus a Strongman competitor takes on a Bodybuilder and a Powerlifter.

Greetings, all.

As I mentioned yesterday, when I came back after my break I decided to do a back-to-basics type program that focused on heavy compound moves to build up my strength. It’s a program I’m gonna stick with for 6 months, and if it makes the magic happen, then I’m gonna stick with it for a year.

Now, when I say back to basics, I also mean that my form will be 100% correct, full ROM. Which more often than not it is, but there was one move I never went fill tilt on; the squat. I was doing box squats, and got up to 265lb, however, I realized that I was missing out on a lot of muscle development, and figured if I was going to be strong on the squat, then it was time to start training truly ass to grass. Besides, if I never got very strong, at least my depth would blow people outta the water and I’d be getting the best bang for my buck in the development department.
The first week of the program, the sets were 3×3, and after my strength diminishing and going as deep as possible, 135 was as heavy as I could go. Pretty shameful. However today I was able to bust out 135 for 5 sets of 5, so my strength is really climbing, and quickly. Also, my glutes & hams are always sore, which is something that’s never really happened before.

So, here’s the first two weeks of the 4 week cycle:

The first week the first two lifts are 3×3, the second week they’re 5×2, and the 3rd week they’re 5×5. On the 4th week it switches up to bodybuilding style with 3×10, but I think I’m gonna go 4×10.The other 2 lifts will be labeled.

Day 1 –
Rack Pulls, Flat Bench Press, Dips 5×5, Bent Over Row 3×10

The 5×5 is a nice middle ground between hypertrophy and strength building, and I like that the final set is done bodybuilding style. I also pepper in things like some curls & triceps pressdowns, bodybuilding style.

Day 2 –
Squat, Over-Head Press, Dumbbell Step Up 5×5, One-Arm Dumbbell OHP 3×10

I really dig the combination of upper/lower in the same day, it wears you out. Dumbbell Step Up is something I’ve never done before and I really like it, I get a good stretch in the glutes, and you’re able to explode on the lifting portion, plus it’s good for the calves. As for the one-arm OHP, you think it’d be easier than the two arm, but that’s not the case. The balancing act works the whole body because of stabilizing the unbalanced load.

Day 3 –
45-60 minutes of cardio, Traps & Forearms

My current program has me lifting weights 4 days a week, but I add a 5th day to focus on my Traps & Forearms. It’s usually 4 sets of 10 of dumbbell shrugs with a 3 second hold at the top, Behind The Neck Lat Pulldown, and Cable Upright Rows. Afterwards I then work my forearms with a lot of supersets, like Forearm Roller then Reverse Grip Curls, or Reverse Grip Curls followed by Clamp Squeezes, things like that. I then do about an hour of incline cardio.

I’ll fill you cats in on what the rest of my plan looks like tomorrow. As for my goals, I’d like to hit 225×5 on the squat, going full depth, and of course, that forever illusive 315 squat. 185×5 on the OHP, and 225 for a single. 275×5 on the flat bench, and 350 on the bench would be pretty sweet for a single. 405 for a set of 5 on the Rack Pulls. And a set of 5 on the Pull-Ups.

Before we wrap up, I thought we’d take a look at another episode of Strength Wars. It’s a burly ass Strongman taking on both a Bodybuilder and Powerlifter. Good times.


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