2nd Half of My New Program



I can’t remember if I told you cats this yesterday or not, and of course, simply opening up the website and checking would clearly be too much work. Now, I’m use to 6 days of weight training a week, but this program calls for 4 days a week as most workouts are fullbody, which I really dig. On the 3rd day I do an hour of cardio and work my traps & forearms, two areas I want to bring up. On the 6th day I do another hour of cardio and some ab work.  Yesterday I explained the rep schemes for the 4 weeks of the cycle, and here’s the exercises for the remaining 2 days of the program.

Day 4

Rack Pulls
Top Half Bench Press From Pins
Hyper Extensions

Day 5

Over Head Press
Front Squat
Single Leg Leg Press

Now, for the Top Half Bench Press, you set up a bench inside a squat rack and set the pins so when you unrack the barbell in a flat bench position, the bar stops on the pins when your elbows are bent 90 degrees. Most folk, myself included, are weakest at the lock out portion, so that’s what this position is for, just focusing on that bad boy.
Normally I can’t do the Front Squat because that fucking bar digs into my shoulders in a bad way. However, when I wrap some towels around the bar I’m good to go. I love the Front Squat now because you can reach a real comfortable depth, it blasts the hell outta your quads, and it’s a massive ab workout.
When it comes to Pull-Ups, I was doing a bit of reading that said you should always do assisted Pull-Ups as opposed to the Lat Pulldown. So, I started using the Pull-Up Asst machine and I can immediately tell a difference. I feel it so much more in my upper back and shoulders than with the Lat Pulldown machine, plus it works your stabilizers, the all important stabilizers.

Today I did my hour of cardio, first 30 minutes are on high incline, with the last 30 minutes being flat and a higher speed. Then I went to work on my traps.
Dumbbell Shrugs – 55lbs x7, 7, 7, 7
These were done with a 5 second squeeze at the top, and I let my arms sag down as far as I could to put a deep stretch in the traps.
Face Pulls – 60×15, 15, 15, 15
I love these. You get a great squeeze and they work your upper back as a bonus.
Behind The Neck Pulldowns – 95×9, 9, 9, 9
A vastly underrated trap developer that also works a ton of other muscles in your upper back. Good times.

For my forearms I just did multiple sets of 8-10 with Reverse Grip Barbell Curls, Forearm Roller, and Clamp Squeezes.

Alright, see you hip cats tomorrow.


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