’s Project Mass – Day 9 – Plus, A Quick Lessson On The Two Types of Hypertrophy

Greetings, all.

Before we get started, remember that you cats can follow your boy on instagram @CaliberWinfield. I try and post something everyday, and post the day’s workouts too.

In the world of weight-lifting there’s one word that you’ll see quite a bit; hypertrophy. Now, if you’re an idiot like me, you think it’s pronounced “hyper-trophy”. Not so. It’s “hy-per-tra-fee”. Most folk think hypertrophy is just the term for muscle-building. While true, it’s not just a blanket term, because there are two types of hypertrophy.

Myofibrillar – This is when you actually increase the number and size of the muscle fibers. This type is mainly achieved through heavy, free-weight routines with sets and reps in the 3-6 range, and working around 80% or higher of your 1-rep max.

Sarcoplasmic – This is the increase in the volume of fluid, things that don’t contract like muscle-fibers. Like glycogen, collagen, water, and other such things.

When you focus on Myofibrillar Hypertrophy you get the strength increases, and that thick, dense muscle, because that’s what you’re legit building, muscle. I have friends who get into working out, and after a while they build a little size and wonder why their muscle is soft. I then explain that they’ve mostly just increased the volume of the muscle with water, glycogen, and a few other things. Another reason why I believe 5×5-esq training is the best for beginners, because you build a real foundation of true muscle.

80% or so of my training for the last 2 months has been heavy lifting, in the rep range from 2-6. I’m digging my look more than ever now, as I really think I’ve found something my body responds well to. Everything is becoming thicker and more dense, more defined.

Alright, let’s hop on the good foot and take a look at today’s workout…

Squat – 155×4, 165×4, 175×4, 185×4

When I started focusing on strength training again, I decided to reprogram my squat, because I wasn’t going nearly deep enough. Now I go as deep as possible. When I started this, I was only able to rock 95lbs for sets of 3. So, to be able to rock 185 for a set of 4 today was awesome. Getting real close to my goal of 225lb.

Rack Pulls – 225×4, 245×4, 275×4, 4

I didn’t go full on here, because I was feeling the squats and didn’t want to bust my shit with the Rack Pulls.

Hack Squats – 230×4, 4, 180×4, 4, 4

After the first 2 sets, I started to feel it in my lower back, so I played it safe and went a little lighter. Now, after this I realized I was suppose to be doing 5 sets, not 4. So I had to go back and re-set up the Rack Pulls and Squats. You gotta pay your debt.

Rack Pulls – 225 x4

Squat – 135×4

I gotta tell ya, those 2 sets, although a bit light, weren’t easy, heh.

Straight Leg Deadlift – 135×4, 4, 155×4, 4, 4

I’ve always loved these. Great burn in the lower back, hams and glutes. Good times.

Alright, see you cats tomorrow.


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