’s Project Mass – Day 13

Greetings, all.

I was real happy that a local grocery store that carries random bodybuilding supplements was selling a high-end beef protein for pretty cheap. However, the mixability is RIDICULOUS. OK, imagine someone took a bag of concrete, then added water. Then the bag became solid, and you broke it apart. Now, you took those chunks of concrete, at least the ones big enough to fit in a cup, and you threw them in a protein shaker. Then imagine you h ad to shake those chunks of concrete into something drinkable, and THAT’S what this protein is like. It’s insane. If it wasn’t so worth it I’d just say forget it, but it’s a solid protein pow

Today was Bodybuilding Style Pull day, and working towards my goal of 5 reps of body weight pull-ups.

You know what makes life a little harder? When you’re fucking calves, quads, hams, and abs are sore. I mean, literally my entire body below my chest is sore. I’m so sore that I can feel when my hair grows, and even that hurts.

To get after my goal of 5 body weight pull-ups I started off with the assist pull-up machine. Look, trying to build Pull-Up strength using the Lat Pulldown Machine is like training to drive by drawing cars. It’s the way I was going for a while, and switching up to the Asst Machine has made the world of difference.

Pull-Up Asst Machine – 66lbs off x 5, 5, 5, 5, 30lbs off, 5.

Face Pulls – 50×10 for 5 sets.
I don’t do it the standard cable way. I set up a T-Bar Row, and pull towards my face.

Lat Pulldowns – 135×10, 10, 150×10, 10, 10
For these I tend to rock a weight where my form fails around the 6th or 7th weight, then I throw some body english into it to really push the lats past the point of fatigue.

One-Arm Dumbbell Rows – 70×10, 10, 10, 10, 10
These are arguably my favorite movement for the back. You get a hell of a range of motion, and it targets the lats like crazy. Plus it works your grip, forearms, your abs, and traps. It’s also one of the most exhaustive exercises you can do, and works your cardio like crazy. Because when you do a rather heavy set for a decent amount of reps, it’s got you huffing & puffing, and you’re only half way done.

Barbell Curl – 45×10 for 5 sets

Hammer Dumbbell Curls – 30×10 for 5 sets
Easily my favorite biceps exercise, as it also helps to develop the Brachialis which in turn makes the arm look thicker, especially the forearm.

Rear Delt Dumbbell Flies – 15×10 for 5 sets.

Rear Delt Cable Flies – 7.5×10 for 5 sets
Most people neglect the Rear Delts, and that’s a damn shame. Rear Delts help to keep your posture in check, as well as make your shoulders pop with a 3D look, and help to give you a thick upper back.

Forearm Roller – 10lb for 3 sets. A set is rolling up and then down. I’d then follow each set with either Reverse Thumbless Grip Curls, those Squeeze Grip Things, or Wrist Curls.

20 minutes of incline cardio.

When it comes to strength sets, I rest between 3-5 minutes. Usually more like 2-3, but if I’m going for something serious, it’s 5 minutes. When it comes to the bodybuilding, I take about 60 seconds on compound lifts, and 15-30 seconds on things like bicep curls, flies, triceps extensions, usually isolation movements.


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