The Super Soldier Serum Workout – Day 11 & 12


Greetings, all. Apologies for missing yesterday, I got wrapped up in a few projects, and it slipped my mind. Although if you’re following me on instagram, @caliberwinfield, you would have had the short-hand version of yesterday’s workout.

Yesterday was the beginning of 5×5 week, and when that happens the bodybuilding exercises get taken from 5×10, to 3×10, because that 5×5 for 3 exercises that are heavy compound is rather exhausting.

Coming in the next few days is a debut advice article. I teamed up with a good friend of a mine, a woman who’s been a Registered Nurse for over a decade. We take questions about literally any and everything. Fitness, sex, drugs, relationships, medical stuff, whatever you got, we’ll try and answer. So, if you want to get in on the next episode, send me your question to Until then, let’s get into the workouts.

Yesterday was Push Day A:
Flat Bench – 225×5, 230×5, 245×5, 225×5, 215×5
I was stoked to get that 245, it means I’m almost back to where I was. Afterwards, I was  zapped, and that 225 and 215 felt like a thousand pounds.

Over Head Press – 125×5, 135×5, 5, 5, 5
Again, just about back to where I was here. Gonna try for a 185 single next week to see I can at least hit my old PR.

Dips – bodyweight of 250×5, with a 25lb plate attached x 5, 5, 5, 5

Incline Cable Flies – 15×10, 10, 10
Shoulder Lateral Raise – 15×10, 10, 10
Triceps Pressdown – 45×15, 15, 15

I was short on time, and the cure for that, as always, is a superset. I also only rested 30 seconds between each superset.

Today was Pull Day B:

Trap Bar Deadlift – 275×4, 295×4, 315×5, 1, 1, 1
Love the Trap Bar Deadlift, as it allows me to feel it really deep in my lats. I also discovered something I really like, and that’s choosing a weight I can do for a set of 5, and then doing a single, resting about 60-90 seconds, hitting another rep, and so forth for 3 sets.

Dumbbell Row – 100×5, 5, 80×5, 90×5, 100×5
For these I pull each rep off the floor, so I get a deep stretch in the lats.

Asst Pull-Up – 48×5, 5, 5, bodyweight pull-up x 2, 48×5
The 5th set came right after my bodyweight pull up set.

Barbell Shrugs – 225×10, 10, 10

Hammer Curls – 45×5, 5, 5

Cable Flex Curls – 45×10, 30×10, 10
Best peak builders. I use to do two arms at a time, now I just do one. I grab hold to the other side of the cable set up, and work the other arm, then immediately work the other when that one is done, and keep going back and forth that way.

Cable Rear Delt Flies – 7.5×10, 10, 10, 10, 10
For these I suggest a weight that you can do for a set of 10, with only 15 seconds rest, and keep your arms absolutely stretch to help target the Rear Delts and a massive pump.


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