The Super Soldier Serum Workout – Day 23

Greetings, all.

You know, I recently joined the world of Instagram, and one thing I’ve learned is that any girl or guy with a half decent body is touting themselves as a fitness expert with an ebook, programs, and an endorsement from a supp company no one has ever heard of. It’s pathetic. What makes it even worse is the fact they’re simply out to take advantage of all the gullible people out there who don’t know anything about fitness. And honestly, I don’t blame people looking to hire a ‘guru’ of sorts, because trying to learn about this world can be frustrating.

Hell, google “proper bench press form” and you get a million answers. 30 years ago fat was the enemy, all fat. Then we learned that fat is awesome, and you only need to avoid transfat. 16 years ago we started hearing that carbs were the enemy, and everyone quit eating them. Then we learned that, wait, no, they’re very crucial. Then when it comes to training, there’s a billion different forms out there. There’s so much information and misinformation that to a beginner can be discouraging, hence why they want to hire someone to inform them. And that’s where these jackass con-artists come in. These people who’ve hit the weights for about a year, never actually had to diet to lose fat, are on steroids [I have no problem with steroids at all, so long as you aren’t lying and saying you’re natural in order to make money], they’re photoshopping their pictures, and the girls are getting ass implants and then selling e-books on how to “build your booty” [for the record, there’s only ONE woman I’d trust with that, and it’s Nicole Austin].

Beyond all those fakes and scammers, I see the personal trainers at commercial gyms, and they’re just as disgraceful. For one, none of them look like they’ve ever put on an ounce of muscle, most are naturally skinny and have never actually had to try and lose fat, and most insulting, they hundreds of dollars for one 45 minute session, it’s disgusting. I do some personal training as well as online coaching, and I could never, EVER even dream of charging that much to someone who just needs help. It’s deplorable.

Alright, enough of me ranting, let’s become Super Soldiers, baby.

Flat Bench – 225×3, 235×3, 265×1, 285×1, 225×6
I’m cruising in all my other strength goal ventures, and I’m just about back to where my bench was. I want to hit 320 for a single, and 275 for 5. The 285 was a struggle, but I got it, 8 weeks from now I think I’ll have what I want.

Incline Bench – 135×7, 155×5, 185×5, 205×4, 5
Love me some Incline, but I gotta get it bigger and better.

Muscle Up – 80×5 actual reps, 3 walking reps.
Love this exercise. It works like a Power Clean, except instead of catching at the top, when the bar reaches your collar bone area, you whip your hands underneath and press it over head in one fluid motion. That’s a rep. Now, a walking rep is while it’s over head, you keep it there and walk 30 feet. It burns the hell out of your shoulders, and smokes you cardio wise. Give this bad boy a shot, an awesome, awesome exercise.

Machine Flies – 165×15, 10, 8
I set the notch deeper so I had a larger range of motion, and it made a big difference. Went to failure on all sets.

Triceps Pressdown – 40x 3 sets till failure, around 12 reps per set.

Shoulder Lateral Raises w/ Cables – 30×15, 10, 10
Went to failure on all these bad boys.

Shoulder Lateral Raises w/ Dumbbells – 15×8, 8, 8
All till failure, each one I switch styles. From standard, to tipping the dumbbells like dumping out water, and finally dumbbells in front while leaning forward a bit.

Triceps Kickbacks w/ Dumbbells – 15×15, 15, 25×10, 10


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