Super Soldier Serum Workout – Day 24

Greetings, all.

Running a smidge late today, so let’s just jump into the workout. Honestly, I’m real excited to see the results at the end of the 3 months, as I think numbers wise, and looks wise, the results will be pretty damn good. If not, I’m just gonna lie and photoshop, so, either way, really.

Power Cleans – 95×4, 5, 115×3, 3, 135×1, 1, 1, 140×1, 1, 1
I’m sure my form is terrible, but I have a blast doing these. Although it’s still impressive, I think it’s sort of weak sauce when people dip all the way down to meet the bar, because they really aren’t moving it far. I bring that bar all the way up, baby, which is probably why it’s so fucking hard at 135-140. I mean, it’s not a massive struggle, but I earn getting that sucker up there.

Bent Over Rows – 205×10, 10, 10
Absolutely love these, arguably my favorite lat exercise, good times.

Pull-Ups/Asst Pull-Ups – 2, 2/42lbs off – 5, 5, 5, 3
Still cruising along with these bad boys, but I have a feeling that a plateau is coming down the pike. Let’s hope I just hit it with a Ryu Down+Forward+HP HADUKEN!

Straight Arm Pulldown – 50x till failure
Reverse Grip Pulldown To Chest – 90x till failure
Dumbbell Bent Over Rows – 40x till failure
Negative Chin-Ups – till failure

When I did this on Sunday, my back was sore until today, and then today I went even harder. When I go till failure I go until muscle-twitching, almost-dry-heaving failure. The Straight Arm Pulldowns absolutely smoke and kill the Lats, and then everything else just hammers them into oblivion. The Negative Chin-Ups are BRUTAL. I hop on the Pull-Up Asst Machine. And I’m about to do 4-5 Negatives, lowering myself slowly, and it literally feels like my Lats are stretching to their absolute limit and screaming. On Monday I was taking a look at myself from the front, doing a Lat Spread, and I swear, I SWEAR I saw a difference, which is practically impossible, and I’m sure just an illusion, but, still…we’ll see after this two week experiment.

Hammer Curls – 40×10, 50×5, 5, 5

Straight Bar Curls – 40×15, 50×10, 50×10, 40×8, 30×12

Rear Delt Cable Flies – 7.5×5 sets till failure
Use a weight light enough where you can keep your arms straight.

Forearm Roller – 10lb plate for 4 sets
If you guys don’t have access, or don’t have one of these, I implore you to get one. Absolutely nothing better to work your forearms. This thing smokes them, absolutely smokes them and smokes them deeply.

Reverse Grip Curls w/ Thumbless Grip – 60×5, 5, 5

Farmers Walks – 70 for 30 seconds, 85, 85, for 30 seconds
These things are a pain in the ass, but they help your whole body grow, especially your forearms, upper back, and traps, things I’m very much working on.




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