The Super Soldier Serum Workout – Day 41

Greetings buckshots,

Gonna keep things short here in the preamble. One thing I’m gonna really start focusing on is my abs & lower back. I want to bullet proof these things in order to help me with my lifts, plus if my core is solid than I can take a punch and be alright. I remember years ago reading a Punisher comic book where some thugs were trying to whoop on Frank, and while punching him in the stomach someone says “His stomach is like a brick wall!”. Your boy wants that. Until then, let’s get to today’s Leg workout.

Front Squats – 65×5, 85×5, 95×5,5,5
I really need to build these bad bitches up. One thing is for sure they’ve helped my quad development like crazy.

Stiff Leg Deadlift – 135×5, 5, 155×5,5,5
Along with building up my abs I really want to bulletproof my lower back, which is a crucial area. These give me an insane pump there too.

Good Mornings – 65×5, 85×5,5,5,5
I do these for the same reason as the SLD.

Sissy Squats – 15,15,15

Decline Bench Sit Ups – 5,4,4
I use to never be able to do these, but I’ve been chipping away, and now I can do a few decent sets. These bastards burn.

Hanging Leg Raises – 12,12,12

Side Bends – 80×12,12,12


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