The Super Soldier Serum Program -Day 43


Yesterday I was talking about a recent photo I’d taken that showed I’d lost a little bit of fat, and that I can clearly make a super sexy face when needed.

So for the last couple of months I’ve walked to and from the gym a couple times a week, which is about 2 miles each way. Well, it’s done two things for me
1: ramped up my appetite like crazy, so I’m eating like a machine, especially carbs.
2: its helped me drop fat without sacrificing muscle or strength. Compare this photo with a similar one I posted awhile ago and you’ll see a difference.

I’m proud of that because it just goes to show that losing fat doesn’t have to be a struggle, you just have to put the work in. I mean, I’m literally eating 600-800 calories every 2 hours or so, and that’s not forcing myself, I literally get hungry again that soon.

Hell, not only am I losing fat, but I’m hitting PRs, big PRs that I thought weren’t going to happen for a while.

Weight loss is simple, good people. Just put the work in, bust your ass, and be consistent. Do your reading, learn your strengths and don’t think it’s gonna happen over night. It happens over 2 nights.

Today was Pull Day A, baby, let us have a looksee at the good times.

Rack Pulls – 225×5, 275×3, 315×3, 335×3, 365×2, 405×1
I decided the other day I wanted to hit a 405lb Rack Pull. I wasn’t sure how long it’d take, but I was resolute. I decided to see where I was, and the weight kept flying. I couldn’t believe that 405 might be in my sites already, but sure as shit, it was. And there is nothing when you go real intense on a Deadlift/Rack Pull, you feel that shit EVERYWHERE. Especially in my lats, traps and neck. So fucking stoked about this.

Dumbbell Rows – 95×5,5,5
These were all about tight-as-a-drum form, going slow and controlled, with zero momentum. Love these.

Asst Pull Ups – x 5,5,5
Last week I was at this weight and couldn’t really get the 5th rep. So I stayed, and I was able to get the 5th rep today, but it was sloppy, so I’m gonna stay with it until the reps are crisp as it gets.

Snatch Grip High Pulls – 50×8,8,8

Hammer Curls – 50×5,5,5
My favorite biceps exercise.

Rear Delt Cable Flies – 7.5×5 sets to failure plus 30 second static hold.

Reverse Thumbless Grip Biceps Curl w/ Barbell – 60,50,40 for 3 rounds, all sets till failure.

Incline Walking for 25 minutes


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