The Super Soldier Serum Day 45


This episode of Shirtless & Plotting Something With Sinister Intent While Looking Sexy And Fat Buff As The Gods Intended is brought to you by Instant Oatmeal – Apple & Cinnamon Flavor (4 packets per meal, baby). The other day while dog walking I caught my reflection in a window and took it in for a minute. Reason being, I realized I’ve truly achieved the body/look that I’ve been after for so long. It was a great goddamn feeling, and one I hope everyone gets to someday, or is already there. Even if you aren’t working out, just to be able to look at yourself and be totally happy without how you look is awesome.

But don’t think for a second your pal Cal is on cruise control, just because Mario ate a mushroom doesn’t mean he stopped looking for the goods. I’m trying to get that metaphorical Tanooki Suit, baby!

Alright, lets talk some Push Day B action.

Over Head Press – 145×3, 155×3, 165×3
These felt great. The 165 didn’t go up super smooth, so I’m gonna stay at that weight until it’s just too sweeeeet.

Bench – 275×1,1,1
I’m chopping at this fucking weight until I get 5 goddamn reps.

Incline Bench – 185×3,3,3,3,3
These were solid, and I could have gone heavier or done more reps, but I was after crisp form here.

Flat Bench Flies – 35×3 sets till failure
No better pump maker for the chest than flies, baby, no better.

Incline Skull Crusher – 75×4 sets till failure
I do close grip for the first two, wide for last two.

Shoulder Lateral Raises – 20, 15, 10 x 2 rounds, all till failure.
On these I took a 2 count to lower, which really helps up the intensity and gives you your moneys worth. As always, I switch styles with each round.

Alright, buckshots, good times. See you tomorrow for some Pull Day action.


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