The Super Soldier Serum Workout – Day 52


I don’t look like a bad-ass pulling weight, it looks like I’m mowing the gym floor with a mower that has no wheels.

This episode of A Fatbuff Man Training Like The Batman is brought to you by ‘Ricky Springfield, s’ah buddy ah mine!’, props to anyone who tells me where that’s from.

It’s Pull Day, ladies & gents, let’s get it.

Rack Pulls – 225×5, 315×7, 365×3
I’ve really shot up with these, 315 really felt like nothing.

Pendlay Rows – 155×3, 165×3, 7
I absolutely love these. I could be going heavier, but I want to make sure my lower back and such is ready to rock, so I’m giving it a month of build ups.

Pull Ups – 1,1,1,1,1
Whoo. These 1 reps are crystal fucking clear, chin above the bar, everything. My second rep is close, but I just count the one. One I’m so fucking proud of, because I have busted my ass to make it happen.

Bat Pulls – 185x 3 rounds
I pull this sucker for about 40 feet, that’s a round. So, I pull it, walk back, pull it, and repeat. Smokes the lats.

Hammer Curls – 50,40,30x 2 rounds
I’d do a set, go to fail, wait 10 seconds and do another.

Dumbbell Rear Delt Flies – 15x 5 sets to fail
I bend over and place my head on that tiny chair people do triceps exercises on.

Forearm Roller – 12.5x 3 rounds

Incline Cardio – 35 minutes


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