Your pal Cal is still alive and Fat Buff

Greetings all.

My apologies for the lack of updates. I started a new gig, working the front desk closing shift at a local gym. It’s gonna help your boy get some new equipment as well as supps and food to really up my game. Good times are ahead.

However, because of this gig, my schedule has been extremely fucked up. Normally I went to bed at 1, and woke up at 11. Well then they had me training for the gig at 3-7, and I had to get my work outs in afterward, in a crowded gym, which was honestly death. Going from a gym that had 10 people max working out in a massive area, to a much smaller area and about 40. Having to wait 15 minutes for a guy to finish quartersquatting so I can use the ONE squat rack.

My shifts are finally becoming what they’re suppose to. I’m working 8 to 1, and working out after in an empty gym, as the God’s intended. However, the lack of sleep and eating right has cost me a bit in the strength department, and my new training split isn’t working out. So, now that things are finally settling down, I’m gonna work out a new split, and really dive into this thing.

So, we’re gonna get it on, and see what happens. Let’s get it.

Stay tuned.


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