The 30 Day ‘Let’s Get It’ Experiment

Alright, I took a bit of a break from posting about fitness and such because I had an idea and wanted to get ready for it.

The phase 2 portion of Arnold’s Blueprint is where shit gets nasty. I love it. It’s heavy, it’s hard, there’s a ton of volume, it’s fucking awesome.

So, I decided that along with phase 2, I was going to bulk my ass off. Get at least 3000 calories in a day, and at least 200g of protein a day. Along with that, I started a 30 day cycle of a Test-booster called AlphaTest. Now, I normally believe these to be bullshit, but I’ve heard some good things, so we’ll see if it helps.

Tomorrow is the starting point, and I’m going to document every single day, and let you guys know what’s going on. I’ve taken pictures, and tonight I’ll measure and weigh myself so we can see if there’s any changes via that.

So, stay tuned with your boy, and if I get good enough results, I’ll not only enter the 2016 Mr. Olympia contest and try and take down Phil Heath, I’ll also enter the Strongman contest and try and take down the Mountain. Can Caliber do it? You better goddamn well believe it!

Alright, check back tomorrow for day one’s buckshot.


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