Unlock The Secret Of The Fat Buff

The untold secret of how to achieve that Fat Buff look so many chase.

I eat a lot during the day, but only rock one giant meal, and this is it;
3 turkey sausage patties. I simply prefer the taste to normal sausage.
12 blue berry waffles. I toast’em, then wrap 4 at a time in a paper towel, so they absorb steam, and get all soft and awesome.
A couple donuts, nothing crazy.
Protein cookie, snickerdoodle, damn tasty.
Nutty Buddy Bar. Damn tasty, tons of good fats. If I don’t have a protein cookie on hand I simply have another.

Other times I have my protein shakes, pineapple, apple sauce, bananas, turkey/roast beef sandwiches, eggs. Gonna fire up the crockpot soon to cook some chicken.

Alright, OHP day, baby…

Over Head Press – 105×5 for 10 sets.
Man, that will smoke the hell out of your shoulders.

Bench Press – 135×8,155×8,185×8,205×8
I was real happy with this, because last week I struggled a bit to get the 185/205 sets for 8, but this week I rocked’em.

Curls – 70×4 sets of 8

Over Head Dumbbell Triceps Extension – 20×8 for 4 sets

It may not look like a lot, but those 10 sets of 5 get brutal, and then the bench gets cooking. I go till failure on the biceps & triceps exercises to boot. These workouts are damn tiring.


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