Damn flu.

So, last Tuesday I was bullshitting at the gym, as everyone was talking about how they’d all been sick, or were getting sick. I started bragging about how I NEVER get sick, which is true, and that people could even spit in my mouth and it wouldn’t matter. Well, sure enough, when I got home later, I started feeling a tickle in the back of my throat, and then BAM, shit was over. As it always happens, it wipes me out.

Head on over to my IG, got a few new videos up, including one of Jason Voorhees rocking some Clean & Presses. Dude has to stay in shape.

Tuesday was a hell of a workout though….
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The Weekend Going-Ons

Greetings, all.

Over at me Instagram page I have a new video up with showing you cats a favorite lift of mine, a Dumbbell Clean & Press. It’s a great tool for building functional, real world strength.

Good times on the weekend. Friday was MMA class, still at the boxing stage. I worked a lot with the mits, or focus pads, if you will. A lot of jabs & crosses, the important basics. Did a lot of ab work, which hurt, especially the part where we just flex and the other guy punches your abs for 60 seconds.

On Saturday it was basically the same as Friday, damn good times. Beyond the martial arts portion of it, there’s also some intense aerobic work. Running, bear crawls, Spider-Man crawls, walking push-ups, frog jumps, burpees, it can be damn near crippling.

Sunday Night was great. It looked like this…

Bench – 185,190,195,200,225×6
Gonna switch it up for the next few weeks and go for a higher rep range on the strength based exercises.

Pendlay Rows – 135×6,6,6,6,8

Dumbbell Clean & Press – 50×3,3,3, 55×3,3

Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension – 25×3 sets to failure
Dumbbell Curls – 25×3 sets to failure

Bodyweight Skullcrushers – 2 sets to failure
Hammer Curls – 40×2 sets till failure

Forearm Curls – 6 sets

Cardio – ran a mile in 13 minutes
Yeah, I know, running a mile in 13 minutes ain’t shit, but I’m proud. 6 weeks ago when I started running again, and could barely run for 3 minutes straight. So, being able to run a mile non-stop makes your boy feel like Robocop on the shoulders of Rambo.

Jab/Cross w/5lb Weights – I hold a 5lb Weight in each hand, and continually throw my jab & cross until failure. Then I rest for a few seconds, then go again until I reach 100 reps.

Good times from Monday & Tuesday…

Greetings, good people.

Part of my new workout scheme is that on Monday’s I do interval training that I got from Brock Lesnar. It’s all about building muscle endurance as well as cardio. I absolutely love it.

It’s 5, 5 minute rounds. Each exercise goes for 60 seconds, and you do as many reps as you can. After each 5 minute round, you rest for 60.

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Weekend Going-Ons

No, this isn’t a clip of Drago training from Rocky 4… At the end of each MMA training session we hit the mits for a minute straight, which sounds easy, but after training for an hour, and with my bigassed shoulders this shit gets very painful. Other than IG and such, I record to see what needs work. In this instance, my right arm should have been kept up higher. In early sessions when I’m working the mits, if my hands start to drop Jon swats at my head, keeps me honest. One thing I’ve sure as shit learned, striking is all about muscle memory, getting in the groove, and practice, practice, practice. I always thought crosses were suppose to have the big wind up and such, but my instructor delt a hell of a cross with zero step, and zero wind-up. #bodybuilding #bodybuilders #powerlifting #powerlifters #mmatraining #wannabefighter #FatBuffAthlete

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Greetings, gang.

as always, if the stupid Instagram post doesn’t show up here, you can see the video on my IG page, @CaliberWinfield.

So, on Friday it was MMA training day. The aerobic/cardio portion of it is fucking brutal. We job, side-to-side shuffle, high kicks, lunges, bear crawls, Spider-Man walks, walking push-ups, when I first did these I was literally almost falling over from exhaustion.  After that there was quite a bit of mit work, which is when someone holds focus-pads, and you hit them, usually with combinations. Like, jab, cross, hook, or 1, 2, 3. So the person with the pads calls out numbers and you throw the punch. He would also throw some blows to my head if my arms started to go down from guard.

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Back. Full time.

OK, it’s time to stop screwing around. Your boy is back.

No longer am I Fat Buff, but I’m a Fat Buff Athlete. For years, all I cared about was being big. But then I started wanting more, a lot more. To be a lot more. So, 2 months ago I started studying MMA, which means boxing, kickboxing, jui-jitsu, wrestling, awesome stuff like that. On top of that, I’ve changed my workouts to focus on functional, real world strength, endurance, and cardio.

When I first started trying to get my cardio game back up, I was tapped after a minute long jog. But now I’m able to cook for 10 minutes, and I’m gonna go for a mile here non-stop. My main goal is a 9 minute mile.

Beyond that, my strength has increased, my fat has dropped, and despite me wanting to go down to 220lbs, I’ve put on muscle and gone up to 250 from 245lb. So, right on.

Speaking of strength, the instagram video I embeded is me scoring a Deadlift PR today. 335. As always, I pretty nervous going for it, and I ended up actually getting 2 reps. They were smooth, too, which leads me to think that my road to 405 isn’t too far away. Hell, last week I hit a Deadlift PR of 325, and 20 minutes later I hit a Power Clean PR of 150. Your boy is cooking.

So, starting Saturday we’re back on track with the daily updates, because everything has changed and I feel things will be a lot more interesting.

Oh, and if that Deadlift vid won’t play or show up, head on over to @CaliberWinfield on instagram. Dig it.