Damn flu.

So, last Tuesday I was bullshitting at the gym, as everyone was talking about how they’d all been sick, or were getting sick. I started bragging about how I NEVER get sick, which is true, and that people could even spit in my mouth and it wouldn’t matter. Well, sure enough, when I got home later, I started feeling a tickle in the back of my throat, and then BAM, shit was over. As it always happens, it wipes me out.

Head on over to my IG, got a few new videos up, including one of Jason Voorhees rocking some Clean & Presses. Dude has to stay in shape.

Tuesday was a hell of a workout though….

Ab Chair – 25lbs x 15 on each side and center, 3 sets.

Captain’s Chair Leg  Raises – 8,8,8

Dips – bodyweight of 245lb x 5,5, 45 extra pounds x 5,5,5,5

Pull Up Asst – 60lbs off x 6,6,6,6

Over Head Press – 95×5, 115×5, 125×3, 135×3, 3, 145×3

Behind The Neck Press – 95×6,6,7

Dumbbell Rows – 70×6,6,8

Cable Flies – 22.5×3 sets to failure.

Today was my first time getting back in the gym since then, and I’m still getting over everything, so I took it light.

Ab Chair – 20×60, 60, 60 [This chair can swivel to each side, to hit the obliques. So, I do 20 each side, and 20 in the middle]

Captain’s Chair Leg Raises – 8, 8, 8

Bench – 185×5, 5, 5

Over Head Press – 95×5, 5, 5

Clean & Press – 135×1, 1, 1

Lat Pulldown – 180×7, 7, 7

So, it was an underwhelming workout, but it felt good to be back, and getting the blood moving. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to get back into it full force.

Hope you cats had fun during the weekend, and watch something kick ass tonight. Take care.


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