Hot Diggity, Back Day

Greetings, all.

Started this bad bitch off with the Stairmaster. I hit 40 flights in 10 minutes. A while ago my goal was 30 in 10 minutes. Few things kick your ass harder than this. I know, the Stairmaster is scary, get over it.

Hex-Bar Deadlift – 230×2, 240×2, 250×2, 260×2, 270×2, 275×2 285×3
I was going up 5lbs a week, but I think it’s time to get it up to 10lbs. The 285lb wasn’t light, but it wasn’t a massive struggle, hence why I kicked out 3 reps instead of 2.

Machine Row – 224×10,10,10,10,10
This is the Row Machine where the seat moves with you, and the handles turn. Damn comfortable.

Asst Pull Ups – 70 off x 8,8,9
It’s definitely time to drop the weight here, shits got a lot easier.

Hammer Curls – 30×8,8,8
Didn’t wanna push it, my right arm is still getting over being a bitch.

Wing Chun Punches – 1200 punches were thrown over 5 different drills. I do 3 high, do that for 100 rounds, 2 high, 1 one, for 100 rounds, 2 low, 1 high, for 100 rounds, 1 high, 1 low, 1 high, for 100 rounds, then 100 rounds of double-punches.

Incline Walking – 7.5 Incline, 3.0 speed for 15 minutes.


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