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The 30 Day ‘Let’s Get It’ Experiment

Alright, I took a bit of a break from posting about fitness and such because I had an idea and wanted to get ready for it.

The phase 2 portion of Arnold’s Blueprint is where shit gets nasty. I love it. It’s heavy, it’s hard, there’s a ton of volume, it’s fucking awesome.

So, I decided that along with phase 2, I was going to bulk my ass off. Get at least 3000 calories in a day, and at least 200g of protein a day. Along with that, I started a 30 day cycle of a Test-booster called AlphaTest. Now, I normally believe these to be bullshit, but I’ve heard some good things, so we’ll see if it helps.

Tomorrow is the starting point, and I’m going to document every single day, and let you guys know what’s going on. I’ve taken pictures, and tonight I’ll measure and weigh myself so we can see if there’s any changes via that.

So, stay tuned with your boy, and if I get good enough results, I’ll not only enter the 2016 Mr. Olympia contest and try and take down Phil Heath, I’ll also enter the Strongman contest and try and take down the Mountain. Can Caliber do it? You better goddamn well believe it!

Alright, check back tomorrow for day one’s buckshot.


The Super Soldier Serum Workout

The truth is, your boy was hired by the Government to create a Super Soldier Serum workout to make our troops and assassins unstoppable. It worked. Too well. See, our assassins would go on a mission, but then things would start dragging because the CIA guy had to make sure to get a 5th meal in, or he had to finish his cardio. So, a lot of guys were bigger & stronger than ever, but some bad guys kept on living and forming things like COBRA. It happens.

The plus side to all this though is that now I can bring this workout to you, the beautiful people. The side effects are going to be that you’re constantly mistaken for Captain America, or a pro-bodybuilder, or a pro-wrestler, or a demi-God. People are gonna want your autographs, and they won’t know why. After you read about the workout, you’ll find my workout from today.

I see a lot of programs that come from major websites that talk about “The latest cutting edge science was studied, enabling us to bring the most cutting edge science to our cutting edge program!”. To that I say “meh”. At the end of the day the most tried & true methods are always going to be around, and are always going to get the best results. After going through all of my favorite programs & methods, I’ve come up with a pretty solid program that works on bringing up your strength, as well as build your myofriblliar hypertrophy, sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, and cardio.

A few things before we get started.

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Shout-Out To Marc Lobliner &

It seems like anyone who gets their first issue of Muscle & Fitness decides to open up shop and create a youtube fitness account, so it’s hard to filter through all the crap and find out who’s worthwhile. I’d like to save you guys time and let you in on the good stuff.

First up is Marc Lobliner with Tiger Fitness. Marc is a bodybuilder, and in that field alone is one of the most accomplished out there [although I have better calves]. He’s been at it since he was a teenager, and now in his mid 30’s he’s built like a brickshithouse, plus he’s plenty strong, which is what I always respect. He knows a lot about the bodybuilding game, and I find very trust worthy in the information he shares.
Other than just working out, Marc is an absolute beast in the business world. He was working for Weider Publications by the time he was in his early 20s, he started a company, it became successful, he sold it, then started another one, which is again successful. He’s damn smart, and damn hard-working, basically serving as a role model to anyone in the fitness game who wants to see how it should be done.
Another reason I have a lot of respect for Marc is because he’s all about helping the up & comers. His website sells supplements from start-up companies like Chris Jones’ Pump Chasers [a guy you’ll be hearing about soon], and he says he’s more than willing to film with anyone who asks.
Now, on top of everything I just mentioned, plus having a family to take care of, he pumps out a TON of content. Usually around 4-5 videos a week, and that’s a lot more than most. He offers a massive variety in content, from workout videos, to exercise explanation, product reviews, commentary, you name it.

So, do yourself a favor and check out my boy Marc at Tiger Fitness. Dig it.

2nd Half of My New Program



I can’t remember if I told you cats this yesterday or not, and of course, simply opening up the website and checking would clearly be too much work. Now, I’m use to 6 days of weight training a week, but this program calls for 4 days a week as most workouts are fullbody, which I really dig. On the 3rd day I do an hour of cardio and work my traps & forearms, two areas I want to bring up. On the 6th day I do another hour of cardio and some ab work.  Yesterday I explained the rep schemes for the 4 weeks of the cycle, and here’s the exercises for the remaining 2 days of the program.

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Current Program, Goals, plus a Strongman competitor takes on a Bodybuilder and a Powerlifter.

Greetings, all.

As I mentioned yesterday, when I came back after my break I decided to do a back-to-basics type program that focused on heavy compound moves to build up my strength. It’s a program I’m gonna stick with for 6 months, and if it makes the magic happen, then I’m gonna stick with it for a year.

Now, when I say back to basics, I also mean that my form will be 100% correct, full ROM. Which more often than not it is, but there was one move I never went fill tilt on; the squat. I was doing box squats, and got up to 265lb, however, I realized that I was missing out on a lot of muscle development, and figured if I was going to be strong on the squat, then it was time to start training truly ass to grass. Besides, if I never got very strong, at least my depth would blow people outta the water and I’d be getting the best bang for my buck in the development department.
The first week of the program, the sets were 3×3, and after my strength diminishing and going as deep as possible, 135 was as heavy as I could go. Pretty shameful. However today I was able to bust out 135 for 5 sets of 5, so my strength is really climbing, and quickly. Also, my glutes & hams are always sore, which is something that’s never really happened before.

So, here’s the first two weeks of the 4 week cycle:

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We’re Back Like A Bent-Over Row

Greetings one, greetings all.

OK, I know, I owe you cats an apology. 6 weeks is a long time to disappear on you guys. What happened is I took a week off from the gym, and when I came back it was December. All the cats I work with have those “family” things, and with the holidays and such I figured I’d give them the months off, along with myself, and come the new year get back at it.

Something else that went down in the last 6 weeks is that I lost 20lbs. I have a friend at the gym who was bulking and doing these weekly weigh-ins. He much prefers to be cut, and putting on the small amount of fat was bugging the fuck out of him. So, I decided to commiserate with him and lose a bit of weight. I was 265lb, and decided I’d try for 245lb. Honestly, without much effort, I lost it.

Now, I do look better. Shirts fit better, my stomach is flatter, and I have more definition, especially in the traps/shoulders area. I really dig that, and for that I’m glad I did that. Plus, it’s always cool when people notice a change you’ve worked for and tell you that you look better for it. Now, there’s a bit of a downside. First off, that month or so I spent doing 5/3/1 screwed up my strength, then I went into a straight bodybuilding routine, and finally took my week off. Now, all those combined, along with 20lbs lost, my strength was ZAPPED. Before, my flat bench 3 rep max was 275lb. 3 weeks ago I could barely rep out 230lbs for 2 reps. My OHP I was able to do 170 for 3 reps, but now it was 135lb for 2. Rack Pulls were 235 for reps of 3, when before I was doing 325 for sets of 7.

Needless to say, I was pissed. I was afraid I’d lose my strength, and boy howdy, I sure did. So, I went back to the drawing board. So long as I keep my cardio steady, my weight will stay the same. So, with that in check, it’s time for me to go after my biggest prize: Strength. I got a program from Elliot Hulse, one of the smartest, most experienced fitness personalities on youtube who has a penchant for strongman & strength training. He’s got a great program that’s all about strength that I’m gonna use for a full year. I often switch programs and get impatient, but that isn’t happening.

Tomorrow is I’ll tell you guys what the program is, and what my strength goals for the year are.

I’m gonna revamp the website, and there will be a large number of videos coming in, so stay tuned.

And for the record, at 5’9, 245lb, your boy is still Fat Buff.

Ugh, two weeks in a row

Greetings, all.

I don’t know what the hell is going on. I go 6 years without getting sick, and then get sick twice within a week. Last night my stomach
was bothering the hell out of me, and kept me up. So when I had to get up this morning, I was drained. I still went to the gym, but without
eating anything or drinking much in 12 hours, I had zero energy and ended up just doing some light arm work. It wasn’t until it was about time
to leave that I started to feel better. Sorry to let you cats down.

On the plus side, there will be a crop of new videos coming very soon.

Alright, I’ll see you cats tomorrow. Let’s get it.