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Looking Back At Vince McMahon’s The World Bodybuilding Federation and it’s 1st Event – Part 1

For those who may not know, I’m a huge mark for pro-wrestling.

Before Vince thought creating a rival football league was a smart thing to do, he created a bodybuilding federation, The World Bodybuilding Federation to be exact.

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The 315 Deadlift And Why I Love Weightlifting

So, a year ago, almost to the day, I believe, I need to find my old workout logs to confirm it, but if it isn’t to the day, it’s within a week. Anyway, a year ago I went for a 315lb deadlift.

I wanted 315 for a year at this point, I know that to a lot of lifters 315lb isn’t a lot, but I’ve never been a great deadlifter for whatever reasons, and I always thought 315lb was a respectable number.

A year ago, I went for it. I warmed up, got myself psyched, and went for it. I got it up near my knees, and that’s when the struggle really began. However, I wanted it so bad, so bad that I let form go to the wayside and rounded my back. Once I did that and pushed even harder, I felt something pop in my back. I fell to the ground like a bag of dirt, TERRIFIED. I was so afraid that I’d torn something, herniated a disc, something bad. Back injuries put people out. I sat for a movement, the color drained from my face, my entire body covered in sweat, despite the fact I was freezing now. I tried to pick up some light things to test the water, and it was definitely tender. I had to abandon the rest of the work out, and just hit the treadmill for a bit, so afraid that I could still feel pain in my back.

I took it real easy that day, still terrified because I’ve always heard that it’s when you wake up the next day you know how bad it is. I breathed a massive sigh of relief the next morning when I realized I was all good. I still took the day off the gym though, I didn’t want to push it.

Thankfully, I was fine. But it scared me off the Deadlift. For an entire year, I never did the Deadlift, I was too afraid. I was so fucking scared. I continued doing Rack Pulls for the year, and never pulled from the ground. For those who don’t know, Rack Pulls are Deadlifts done in the squat rack. You set the safety bars, rest the bar on top of them, and pull from that spot. The bar is either below or just above the knee. I love Rack Pulls. I eliminated machines from my leg workouts. I also brought in Stiff Leg Deadlifts, something I had to stop doing years ago due to an injury, but thankfully that cleared up.

Yesterday though, something happened. I wanted that 315lb. I felt like Rocky in Rocky III. Why wasn’t I deadlifting anymore? Because I’M AFRAID, alright?! You wanna hear it?! YOU WANNA BREAK ME DOWN?! I’M AFRAID! I truly was. But after I hit 6 clean reps at 325lb on the Rack Pulls, a seed was planted into my brain. Could I do it? Could I hit 315lb from the floor?

So, I started to warm up, telling myself I’d only go to 275, to test the waters, and then maybe later in the month or what have you I’d give 315lb another shot. I hit 275, and it felt like the heaviest thing in the world. So, I said no way, not gonna test 315. I then went for 275 again, and crushed it for 2 real, real easy reps. Once I was warmed up, 275lb was no longer a mountain. However, that thing was nagging me. Nagging me. Digging into my brain. 315315315315315.

I asked my friend, should I do it? He said hell yeah. I didn’t want him to say that. I really didn’t. But then I kept hearing Ronnie Coleman’s voice in my head after he squatted 800lbs for 2 reps, 5 weeks out from Mr. Olympia “That’s why we live in this world”.

I pulled out my video camera, and had my friend Josh start filming. I strapped up my wrists. Each time I strapped a hand in, I said a prayer. No joke, I was that afraid of this fucking lift. Finally, fully strapped in, I got in position, and took a second to breathe and pray once more. I wanted this, badly. I was so nervous I thought I was going to puke right there. I could seriously feel my heart beating out of my chest.

I screamed “LIGHT WEIGHT! LIGHT FUCKING WEIGHT!”. I sucked air into my stomach and braced my entire body, then, I went for it.

The weight shot up. I couldn’t believe it. There I was. Standing, with 315lbs with my hands, that I brought up my fucking myself. I felt like I was standing on the top of Everest. Like I’d just taken out Chong Li at the Kumite.


I completed the rep, and was elated. That fucking weight was a thorn in my side, since the day I started chasing it, to the day it brought me to my knees. Honestly, not only did the weight shoot up, but I felt like I could have actually completed a second rep. But I didn’t want to push things. I got what I came for.

This, THIS is why I lift weights and why I say everyone should. There is no feeling like the one you get when you hit a goal in the weight room. You plan it, you work at it, you hone your program and diet, you strive and focus. It’s the fairest fucking place in the world, because you get EXACTLY what you put in. Building your confidence like nothing else. Because you’re doing it with your own two hands. There’s no bullshit. It’s one on one. There’s no one to blame but yourself, and no one to reward but yourself.

To the outside world, we’re just moving weights and trying to build muscle. But those who really know, who are truly in this game, know we’re building ourselves mentally, physically, and even spiritually. That all sounds like some hokey BS, I know, but I truly believe it. Lifting weights, living that life style, has truly made me a better, stronger person, in all aspects of life.

I’ll have the video up for you cats soon.