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The BATMAN Workout – Day 2 – Pull Day A – Plus, Explaining The BATMAN Workout part 2

BANEPULLDAYGreetings, all.

Yesterday I explained the strength portion of the Batman workout, now today I’ll explain the hypertrophy [muscle building] aspect.

Now, while not as important as strength, Batman would most definitely be trying to get very big. The bigger he is, the more intimidating.

We’re going old school meets new school with this program. After the heavy compound set to start our day, as well as warm up our CNS system, we move on to two other compound sets, each for 5 sets of 10. 5 sets of 10 are fucking perfect for hypertrophy. It’s old school volume for old school results. I always feel good with 5 sets of 10, because you never leave anything to chance. I run this on a two month cycle. The first month these two compound lifts are done at 50% of your max, the second month it’s 60%, then you restart at 50 and so forth. Since you’re constantly upping your max by around 5lbs a month, shit gets pretty heavy, pretty fast.
Now since we’re doing bodybuilding style lifts from here on out, for the most part, the rest periods are getting short, and only getting shorter. For the lifts that are 5×10, the rest periods are 60 seconds, no longer. You need to keep things intense, work your muscles, build up their endurance.
After the two 5×10 compounds, we move on to some isolation work, sometimes more compound. Unless otherwise stated. There is no prescribed percentage for the lifts here, just go for it. No need to over-think it. Now, things are going to get a little difficult here, because the rest periods are very short. 30 seconds. Rest periods that short are no joke. I’ve used them a lot in the past few months, and I know they’re a big reason why I’ve seen new growth in my calves, forearms, and shoulders. Also, I try to keep the reps a bit higher, 12-15, because different rep schemes yield different results. The final set, for most days, is a burn out set. We’re talking 6-7 sets, and 10-15 second rest periods. This hurts. Again, this also works your endurance, as well as your cardio vascular system.

Tomorrow is part 3 where I explain what kinda food and Bat-supps I rock and prefer.

Alrighty, let’s get it.

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