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Today I got fat…

I never take advantage of a cheat day, which was today for me. A normal day consists of me waking up, having a handful of almonds, 5 egg whites and 1 whole egg, and a couple pieces of wheat toast. Today started out normal like that, only difference is after my workout, my cheat day would begin. I ate like Caliber does during snack time, meaning, I ate enough to feed a small village. It was glorious; I can’t wait until next Tuesday when I can do this again.

Today’s workout was fairly brutal; more strength was involved than cardio. This one I call the Donkey Kong. You will see when I get into it. A lot of legs and shoulders were worked out today. I didn’t get a second gym session in today because it was my cheat day and I was off today. Before I get to the Donkey Kong, let me address something.

If you leave an area for more than 5 minutes, it’s not yours anymore. Yesterday I went to the gym to knock out a quick session, wasn’t going to take me more than 15 minutes. I go to the squat rack and see a red band on it. For one, don’t, don’t do that, don’t use bands in a gym, go home for that. So I figure I would wait, I do some stretching, warm my legs up a bit, look around, and still nothing. This cute lady comes up to me and ask if I was using the bench next to the squat rack being that there were weights that, she politely cuntily (that should be a work) says, “Well what the fuck!?” She had been waiting like me. She decides to just use the bench.

I start loading my weight and this older gentleman comes up and starts staring like a white woman whom just had her spot in line taken. You know the look, not blinking, lips pursed, and the hands on the hip thing with one leg pointing out. I keep loading the weight and let him stare. Once I pick my song, get my mind right, I pull an ear bud out and ask if he was using the squat rack, he said, “Well, not anymore.” Being passive aggressive gets you nowhere, and a man shouldn’t talk like a white woman who just had her spot taken in line. I’m usually a nice guy, if he said yes, I would have gave it back and even apologized, instead I said “Okay.” Put my ear bud back in and proceeded to destroy my legs and core. Take your red band back to whatever woman you stole it from.

The Donkey Kong

3 Rounds

10 Curtis Ps (75lbs)

(Hang Squat Clean + Lunge + Lunge + Push Press)

20 Wall Balls (12lbs)

Farmers Walk (120lbs)

I was able to finish that in about 18 minutes, I didn’t really keep track of the time too well. Either way, it was a killer workout and if you are into circuit training or Crossfit, I suggest you do the Donkey Kong. Usually I would add a heavy HST session to today, but, cheat day and all. Until next time.