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Caliber’s 6-Day A Week Powerbuilding Routine – Day 14 – Leg Day A – Dear Fat People

NightmareonLegDayAGreetings, all.

As I’m sure everybody knows by now, a girl made a video where she told fat people they should get in shape, so they can live happier, healthier lives and be around longer. People of course got in a huge uproar over this, and she became Public Enemy #1. I have a video response coming soon on the Geek Fitness youtube channel, but I wanted to touch on the subject a little bit here.

First of all, shaming people into things just doesn’t work. Second, if you’re fat, happy with it, and couldn’t care less about being in shape, rock on. So long as you aren’t bothering anyone with what you do, I couldn’t careless about whatever it is you do. Nor should anyone with half a brain. Now, if you do want to lose weight, and don’t like being fat, then do something about it. Don’t make excuses. Don’t pull that “genetics” crap. Don’t try some quick fix bullshit and when it doesn’t work, say you’ve tried everything and nothing works. I’m gonna start a video series that’ll be episodic, and all about helping people start their fat loss, and becoming a beast. Also, I’d like to add, quit being outraged over bullshit. It’s pointless. Quit trying to find things to be upset over. If it doesn’t affect you, your family, your happiness, or your money, then forget it. Life is too short for you to devote a ton of time to freaking out over some girl making a youtube video.

Alrighty, let’s get it.

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Caliber’s Powerbuilding Workout Spectacular – Day 8 – Leg Day 8

NightmareonLegDayAGreetings, all.

Thankfully I woke up this morning with my back feeling great. Got to the gym with zero issue. Just like I thought yesterday, it wasn’t a big deal, but, you never know.

Alrighty, let’s get it.

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Powerbuilding Routine – Day 55 – Leg Day – Hamstring Focused, Calves – Plus, Don’t Fit-Shame Yourself

BololegdayGreetings, all.

So, I was browsing the facebook page of my favorite fitness site,, and there was a meme that said “Curvy. Fat girls, I do not think this word means what you think it means”, you know, like the quote from Princess Bride regarding the word “inconceivable”. OK, so it’s funny. Just a harmless joke in regards to how fat girls like to label themselves curvy [and from all the dating profiles I’ve seen it’s true], when that term is reserved for people like Nicki Minaj, Nicole Austin, Christina Hendricks, girls who have boobs and ass, but are still in shape.

Of course, there were a ton of people who got in this MASSIVE outrage about it. Saying that T-Nation were being bullies, assholes, and giving women image issues. The biggest proprietor of this bullshit stance was a guy whose facebook photo was him wearing a hat that said “Fuck Everything”. Alright, there’s your leader, SJWs.

Here’s my question, if this had been on some sorta “Being Fat Is Awesome” facebook account, and someone posted a meme of a guy in shape and it said “Yeah, I could look like that, but I don’t like to wake up early, plan my meals like a Nazi, be at the gym 4 hours a day, not have a social life, and spend my money on useless supplements. I like to enjoy my life!”. Everyone would be posting “LOL!” and having quite a laugh. There would be no one screaming about how they were being bullies, assholes, or giving people in shape image issues.

I occasionally get shit from my friends, or people on facebook because I post a lot of photos of me in the gym, or posing, or talking about a PR I hit, or the fact I go sleeveless sometimes. I also know of other people who do the same, and have thus come to feel bad about posting things like that, as if they’re bragging, or shaming others. Now, I don’t swear on this website much, because I like to keep it PG-13 in case of young readers, or people who don’t dig swearing, but bare with me with what I’m about to say.


I’m sick to absolute death of being in shape considered some sorta bad thing. I’m gonna post more photos and talk about the gym more than ever now. Why? BECAUSE I LOVE IT. Because I bust my ass through discipline and hardwork, because life is movement and I’m living, because I’m blessed with a healthy body that I plan to use to the fullest possible extent and keep it healthy. My 20″ arms, my 50″ chest, my 30″ legs, my 315 bench, my 185 OHP, my 300 bent-over row are all mine because I WORKED for them. I read countless articles, watched countless videos, tweaked and altered things over years and years until they were right, I kept meticulous records through notebooks, pictures and videos, I sacrificed, I bled and I sweat for all of these accomplishments, NONE of which were handed to me. So you’re damn right I’m gonna brag. I’m gonna boast. I’m gonna scream it from the fucking mountain tops.

You know why some of your friends, and other people have a problem with it? Because you’re shaming them without being direct about it. They see that you made the time, you made the effort, and you have the results why they remain some skinny-fat, or plain fat, tub of *yawn* who wishes day in and day out that they could look good and have confidence too, but they simply don’t have the fortitude to do it, so they’re gonna try and make you feel as bad as they do. Well, no way.

Enough of this “fat acceptance”, or constantly having to defend yourself if you say you’re glad you’re not fat. Because guess what, being over-weight is BAD. It does nothing but make your life harder. Bigger clothes cost more. You wear things out more like shoes, beds, sofas and chairs. You can’t be active with your fit friends. You don’t live nearly as long, and along the way to the over-sized grave, you have a flurry of health problems. Is that REALLY how you want to live your life? You don’t want to be around and be healthy for your family & friends? I want you to. I want everyone to be fit and kick-ass, because it would improve their moods greatly, and create a better society. There is NOBODY who was over-weight that lost it with proper eating & exercise that when they became fit said “Oh, this is a personal hell. Man, being fat was SO much better.” Shaming people into doing the right thing saves lives. Instead, we’ve all been taught that we have to salute these people for being brave enough to be “themselves”. Horsecrap. I’ve never met an over-weight person who didn’t try at least a couple of times to diet. So, instead of keep moving forward, they just give up and say it’s because they’ve “accepted” themselves.

Now, there are some people who will read that paragraph up there and say I’m an asshole. That I’m a bully, a jerk. But let me ask you this, if I swapped out the words “fat”, “over-weight” or whatever, and replaced them with “Smoker”, would there be ANY objections? Absolutely not. We’re perfectly fine with bullying one kind of person for the choices they make, so why not another? They’re both unhealthy and they both cause problems for the people around them. Yet you’re a jerk for being against one, and a hero for being against another. It’s so pathetic.

Basically, what I want to say is don’t Fit-Shame yourself. Continue to kick ass, continue to be a credit to your species, and tell anyone who has a problem with how awesome you are to give being awesome themselves a shot and see how quiet they are. We aren’t people who think we’re better than others because we work out, we’re people who bust our asses, day in day out, who have grit and dedication, and we’re damn proud of our results. And whether they like it or not, that’s never gonna change.

Alrighty, let’s get it.

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Powerbuilding Workout – Day 53 – Leg Day B – Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes, Calves, Abs

legdaybheaderGreetings, all.

As you know, it’s Thursday, which means it’s my Friday as tomorrow is my only day off from the gym, so I’m gonna slack on this update and simply give you cats the work-out. Catch me on Instagram though @CaliberWinfield, I try and update that bad-boy at least twice a day.

Alrighty, let’s get it.

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Powerbuilding Workout – Day 50 – Leg Day A – Quads, Hams, Glutes, Caves – Plus, A Body Fortress Protein Review

BololegdayGreetings, all.

Today I thought I’d start on the path of doing more supplement reviews. Right off the bat I thought we’d keep it basic with a protein review, Body Fortress’ Whey Isolate.

k2-_bf9cad6a-48b5-4b5d-b657-875d25e6f62c.v1.jpg-590b85aad593c358917a5a4ba92380b6bef05b63-optim-450x450Body Fortress protein is of course the stuff you can find at Wal-Mart, and us fiscal [IE broke] weight-lifters prefer it, because you can get this 1.75lb tub for $20, and a 2lb tub of the standard protein for about $17. Of course, there’s been a few folks who have said that this is low quality protein, and it sucks. However, the only people I see saying that are ones with an agenda, or protein of their own tosell. you know, the kind that’s $40-50 for a week supply.
Let me say first and foremost, this protein kicks ass. I’ve used all kinds of stuff. Ones like this, and ones that were $80 a tub. I’ve been on a steady diet of at least 2-3 scoops of BF Whey Isolate protein for 2+ years. I weigh 260lbs with a pretty decent bodyfat percentage, and I’m pretty damn strong with constant improvements. I truly doubt if I were to use the super expensive protein that my gains would get even better. So enough about that crap.
The taste is great. They’ve recently overhauled the entire product, changing the look of the lable, and the formula, all of which have been for the better. This has a very honest, sweet chocolately taste, and not that chalky, made-in-the-lab type that you can get from some proteins. I look forward to each shake, which I have with water, so that should tell you to how good the taste is.
The lable says you get 17 single scoops, at 30g of protein per scoop. I honestly think that’s a mistake, because one of these tubs will last me for quite a while. I’d say there’s more like 23-25 scoops. Either way, you get quite a lot of protein for your buck. The label says it’s made up of three different types of proteins, all isolate of course. There’s whey, which is fast absorbing, soy, which is slower, and milk, which is slowest. All three of these combine to spike your protein synthesis, but then keep a steady supply of amino acids going. of course, supplement companies can say just about whatever they want, so BF could be full of BS, however, they haven’t let me down in 2+ years, and I don’t think they’re gonna start now.

Overall: 5 out of 5

I absolutely think their brand is worth supporting.

Alrighty, let’s get it.

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Powerbuilding Workout Routine – Day 47 – Leg Day B – Quads, Hams, Glutes, Calves, Abs

legdaybheaderGreetings, all.

It’s Thursday, my scheduled day to be a lump and just update with the workout. So, I’ll see you sexy cats on Saturday for some Pull Day action. Hot damn.

Alrighty, let’s get it.

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Powerbuilding Workout Routine – Leg Day A – Quads, Lower Back, Hams, Calves – Plus, People At The Gym You Hate

BololegdayGreetings, all.

At the gym today I noticed a dude that bugs the hell out of me, so I thought we’d talk about some of the more common cats around the gym that flat out suck.

Mr. Circuit – You know this guy. He thinks circuit training is the only way to go. So, he sets his water bottle & towel by the only Chest Fly Machine, does a set, leaves the towel & water bottle, then hits the dip station, sets up some barbells at the Preacher Bench, sets up weights on the Leg-Press and the Hammer Strength Pull-Down. Great. Now because you’re not a dick, you don’t wanna mess up his flow. But then you realize he’s now using every machine in the gym, as well as running on every treadmill for 15 seconds each. So then you hop on a machine, and he stands near you, waiting. You’re expecting him to throw you in a sleeper, or hit you with a rag drenched in chloroform so he can continue his 126 exercise circuit program.

Mr. Ooh, An Email, Or Video Game – If I’m using a machine and it’s a rest period, I either get up, or sit there looking like I’ve been shot in the chest. However, I see guys in the gym sometimes sitting there, and always on a machine that’s popular, checking their phone in between sets. If it was a simple 15 second rest period, then OK, but it always seems like these type of guys are on some sorta new program where you take at least 3 hours between sets. Are you serious? Whenever I see this I’m shocked that Arnold doesn’t come riding down on a lightening bolt and hit this guy with a Ryu HADOOKEN! Look, we get it, you’re bushed from the program you got from a guy on the forums that includes up to 3 whole sets of 8, but either look like you’ve died in between sets, or move the hell on.

The 30 Man Workout Team – You know the score, you want to do some squatting, and of course there’s only one rack that you like to use, because it fits your height perfectly. However, you can’t use it because there’s 5 guys using the damn thing. They all work together, and have been talking about big The Rock looks in San Andrea, and how it’s about damn time they all hit the gym, so they can look like him in 6 weeks. So, they hit the squat rack to do some Over-head Presses, and of course, Bicep Curls. One guy does his set, and then they talk about a video game. Then another guy does his set, and then they talk about Orange Is The New Black. Mean while, you’re in the other squat rack, losing reps and such because the damn thing doesn’t work for you, as well as the fact your mental game is off because you’re imaging yourself as Blanka from Street Fighter, flying over their and biting their fucking heads!. I got no beef if a group of cats wanna work out together, but c’mon! The second someone does a set, the next person is up. I seriously doubt that when the other guy did his set, he did it with such intensity that now you need a break. Hell, as a matter of fact, when one guy is doing a set, I want another guy on us back, doing a set too. Let’s knock these suckers out!

doublesetI can’t lie, I’m a master sketch artist. And yeah, that dude is lifting a barbell, not the Eye of Saron from Lord of the Rings.

OK, it’s time for some Leg Day action. Don’t forget your boy is hanging out over at Instagram.

Alrighty, let’s get it.

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