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Greetings, all.


Today after the workout I was taking a few update photos, then when I got home I compared the right bicep pose with some older ones. In November 2011 I’d been working out for over a year, and I didn’t know shit. I knew nothing about proper workouts, exercises, nothing. I mean, I wasn’t even doing Later Shoulder Raises for crying out fucking loud! One of the most basic exercises. Plus I only had machines.
The photo from July 2015 is when I’d been at it for a about a year and a half, after finally having figured out what works best for me. So things were finally coming along. I’ve stayed on that track, and even learned more, specifically that Strength Training is something I respond well to. Also, I lost 20lbs, so my arms look better, and more developed. I don’t know if it’s the loss of fat combined with the angle, but my forearm is noticeably smaller. I’ll have to check my workout logs, but that may have also been around the time I was training my forearms like mad. Good to see it was working, now I need to get back at it.

Anyway, this just goes to show that even though you may feel stupid or egotistical for doing it, especially at the gym, taking progress photos is an awesome way to see how far you’ve come along, or if something has fallen behind.

Today’s workout went a little something like this:

Flat Bench – 225×4, 230×4, 235×4, 4, 4

My strength is shooting up substantially week by week, and I should be back in classic form within a few weeks, at 20lbs lighter too, so, good deal.

Over Head Press – 125×4, 130×4, 135×4, 4, 4

Burliest exercise ever. Something I honestly see nobody doing. If you want that thickness in your shoulders, upper chest & back, do these bad boys. A lot. And go heavy.

Incline Bench – 165×4, 170×4, 185×4, 4, 4

Who doesn’t love the Incline Bench, baby?

Dips – bodyweight of 245×5, 5, attached 22.5lb dumbbell x 5, 5, 5

After all the heavy upper body work I did before the Dips, the added dumbbell weight had me smoked. But I didn’t go heavy enough to screw up my range of motion or form, you don’t wanna screw up your form on Dips, buckshots.