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StrengthLegDayGreetings, all.

At the gym today I got a hell of a compliment. One of my friends, who’s been working-out for 20 years, warms up with 90lbs for Incline Bench Flyes, is big, as well as cut, thanked me for the advice I’d given him over the past couple weeks that set him on a path he’s real stoked about. He said I’m the first person whose advice he’s taken in 10, 15 years. I won’t lie, I felt real good about that. I love to help people, and to be able to help someone with so much experience made me feel very proud.
That’s why I said don’t ever half-ass your endeavors. When I really got into bodybuilding 5 years ago, I wasn’t doing much research, and was a bit dogmatic in my training. I stuck to one style for quite a few years, and wouldn’t listen to anything else. Well, almost 2 years ago all that changed. I began reading everything I could get my hands on, doing all the research I could, and then applying it through tests & trials. I made a choice to quit half-assing something I was doing, and instead be the very best at it that I could. What resulted from that have been the best gains of my life. I’m bigger, stronger, and more educated about the sport than I’ve ever been. I’ve helped myself become the best possible version, and have been able to help others as well.
People may say you have an ego, or it’s stupid to want to be the best at everything you do, but I say it’s foolish not too. There’s nothing bad that ever comes as a result of being your best self, and in being confident enough to stand toe to toe with anyone else in that field. As I said, no matter what the endeavor is, striving to be the best at it not only helps to create the best possible version of yourself, but can also help those around you.

Alrighty, let’s get it.

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How Long Until You’re Fit?

I’m able to see what brings people to my website via websearches. Well, the other day there was someone that found their way to the Fat Buff county via a search for “how long to lose fat and be fit”, and that got me thinking. So, I thought I’d answer it.

It doesn’t matter. Who cares how long it takes? If it takes 10 seconds or 10 years, what does it matter? We’re not talking about a hairstyle, a video game, a car, or whatever else, we’re talking about your quality of life here. We’re talking about being healthy. We’re talking about truly being happy with yourself instead of having to fall into that “I accept myself” crap that keep people over-weight, on tons of meds, unhappy, and dead at an early age.

The amount of time it takes to become “fit” is irrelevant. Because it’s not like once you become that, you can then go back to your old ways. No, instead you have to maintain that lifestyle with the same things that brought you to the dance. Being fit, being healthy, which in turn means being happy, isn’t something you “do”. It’s not something you schedule for an hour on Saturday. No, it’s a lifestyle. It’s who you are.

And let me tell you, it’s a lifestyle worth living. Being fit, healthy, strong and in shape isn’t something you have to wear. It’s not something you can only use during a season. It isn’t something you have to plug in. It’s not something you can buy. No, it’s something you carve for yourself through grit, sacrifice, determination, blood, and sure as hell sweat. And once you have it, you ARE IT. Where ever you go, there it is. If you maintain it, you never lose it. It’s your best friend that never turns on you, and always has your back. It will keep providing you with reward after reward. It will be the best damn decision you’ve ever made. I mean, fit & strong people are generally happier, more pleasant, more useful, and to borrow a notion from Mark Rippetoe, harder to kill. Who the hell wouldn’t want all those things? Who wouldn’t want to live longer to enjoy life? To enjoy their family & friends? Who wouldn’t dig walking into a room and knowing you’re the strongest person there?

You know, once you become this lifestyle, there will be those around you who then start to feel shameful that they don’t have the guts & grit to do what you do, so they’re gonna try and make you feel bad for it. They’re gonna take shots at you. With the common refrain being “Working out doesn’t make you better than anyone else”. And of course, in this PC world we have to say “I know, I know”. But you know what? SCREW THAT.

WE ARE BETTER. Life is movement, baby, and we’re LIVING. We’re blessed to be fully functioning, healthy people, and we don’t squander those gifts. We use those gifts to their fullest potential, and pay respect to them by making sure they remain in tip-top working order. We’re better because we plan, we execute, we strategize, we research, we read, we study, we put theories into practice, and we bust our f’ning asses day in and day out. We get shit done despite what life may try and throw in our way. We constantly help others with their fitness goals whenever asked, time and time again, and we’re happy to. We get our anger, our rage, our frustrations out in the gym. Which in turn makes us calm, easy-breezy people in the real world. We aren’t depressed, we aren’t bringing people down, we’re having the damn time of our lives.

And people hate us for it. But oh well. We’d love to sit and chat with you about how you’re trying to project your self-loathing and shame on us, but we’re too busy setting PRs and living our fantastically awesome lives. Fit-shame us all you want, because if the worst thing you can try and say about me is that I’m in shape and kicking ass, then life is pretty good, baby.

So there you go. That’s how long until you’re fit.

C’mon, people, let’s get it.

The Program That Changed My Life

arnold-schwarzenegger-blueprint-trainerGreetings, all.

Christmas? No, it’s Buffmas here at Fat Buff INC. Since 24 Hour Fitness are a bunch of punks and closed today, I had no choice but to do my Wednesday & Thursday work outs together, yesterday. Check that bad boy out if you want to see the results. So, since I had no workout to report today, I thought I’d tell you guys about the program that changed my life.

Arnold Schwarzanegger’s BluePrint.

Like all beginners, I didn’t even know where to begin. I’ve been bodybuilding for 4 years now, but I really haven’t found out what works for me until the last 6 months. See, when I started bodybuilding, I was into Heavy Duty training, because I thought people were over-training. For years I’ve seen people in the gym, rarely seeing anyone who looked impressive. I thought it was because people were over-training, going to the gym too often. I mean, it’s all you ever read. Over-training, over-training, over-training. Don’t push it too hard, rest, rest, rest.

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Powerbuilding Workout – Push Day – Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

francobenchGreetings, all.

Well, for those who’ve been following the site for a little while now know that I set a goal on the bench press. After I hit 300lbs for a single rep about 6 weeks ago, I then decided I wanted to hit 250lbs for 3 sets of 5 reps each. I started at 235lbs, and bombed pretty hard. I only got 5 reps on the first set, with 4 the next, and 3 on the final. So, every Saturday I’d saddle up to the bench for the match of the century. I busted my ass to get this goal, and was actually having a lot of success until my first attempt at 250lbs, which was last week. I couldn’t even hit 5 reps on the first set. It was like my white whale. The week prior I’d hit all 3 sets at 245lbs, and now just 5lbs more and I was bombing out?
Today though, everything felt different. I could feel it in my bones that I would at least nail the first set. See, I’ve never even done 5 reps at 250lbs. So, just to hit that, I’d feel like a King. Well, sure enough, I killed it. Anything after that was icing on the cake-flavored protein bar. Second set came, and I killed it again. Now I was dead set on that third one. Today was going to be my day, no matter what. It was not even up for debate. I don’t care if my head exploded like Arnold’s did in Total Recall, I was going to get that set of 5.
I laid on the bench, starring at the bar, and had a pretty big surge of adrenaline. Nervous even. My hands were sweating as I gripped the bar. I tucked my shoulders back and unracked it. I always go slow on the first lowering portion, just to get my path set. I knew once I hit the 3rd rep that I was gonna do it, but it’d be a fight. After the 4th rep, I let the bar linger at the top for a few seconds to rest up, because the 4th was heavy. I went down, and as it came back up, it was telling me that it didn’t want to go according to plan. I didn’t give a shit. IT WAS GOING UP. Sure enough there I was, racking the weights after completing my 3rd set of 5 reps.

I’d done it. Damn near two months, just to climb up 15lbs. I felt like a world beater. I felt like the World Heavyweight Champion of Not Being A Punk. That’s why I love the gym. That’s why I love goals, and can’t stress to you guys just how important it is. It’s a perfect world in the gym. You set a goal, you bust your ass, you do everything as you should, and you crush it. You completely get out what you put in. No matter how small, or how big the goal is, you feel so damn good every time you achieve it. So, do yourself a favor, start setting some goals, and then soon tell those goals to suck it.

Now let’s get it…

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Exercise Fads, Don’t Fall For’em

You turn on the TV early in the morning, you can put it on practically any channel and you’re almost guaranteed to find an infomercial on some sort of exercise program that will promise you massive results within 60-90 days, and you never have to use a gym.
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