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arnold-blueprint_day19_graphics-1Greetings, all.

As you can see from the layout and pictures I post with the updates, my favorite era of bodybuilding is the 60’s-80’s. Guys like Larry Scott, Sergio Oliva, Ed Corney, Arnold, Frank Zane, Danny Padilla, Ferrigno, Boyer Coe, Tom Platz, and Lee Haney. Of course, there are a million others around this era I also dig, but those are my main guys. When you venture into the 90s you have some great physiques, Yates in his early days, Flex Wheeler, Kevin Levrone, and Shawn Ray. However, the 90’s is when everything started to go down hill.

Danny “The Giant Killer” Padilla

Because of Yates, and the shifting ideals of the judges, the mass monsters were in. Symmetry, beauty, classic lines, those things went out the window for massive quads, lats, and chests. Decades before you’d have Frank Zane selling record numbers of magazine covers, and people flocking to the gyms to look like him, Arnold, Haney, and many others. Now? You have people constantly looking at photos of Kai Greene and saying to me “Yuck! Why would anyone want to look like that?!”.

Girls are repulsed by it, and guys don’t look at them and think “That’s what I want to look like!” Instead, while they admire the dedication, they think for the most part it’s just too much. I know I do.

CfZQiFfMen’s Physique is slowly becoming more popular than bodybuilding, because the guys have that classic look, and resemble the old school. When bodybuilding was an art.  Before it became a freaking contest to see who can pack on the most human tissue, while at the same time looking pregnant.

preggobodybuilderAnd that’s the biggest problem in today’s bodybuilding, the distended stomachs. Bodybuilders today for the most part look like absolute jokes. They have these huge stomachs that hang out past their chest, and make them look laughable. I mean, is the HGH use that important, guys? That you’re willing to look like a female bodybuilder in the 3rd trimester?

Muscle & Fitness use to advertise how many readers they had on the covers in the 80’s. However, that’s when guys like Chris Dickerson, Bob Paris, and Frank Zane were on the covers. Guys who had obtainable looks, admirable looks. But now they don’t, because of how much readership has dropped. Hell, they only do 10 issues a year now and not 12.

Now, while on occasion you’ll see photos of Ronnie Coleman here, it’s not because I dig his look so much, but because of how damn strong he was, and how dedicated he was to the life of bodybuilding & powerlifting. Coleman was/is an absolute beast.

Alrighty, let’s get it.

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arnold-shoulder-pressingGreetings, all.

It’s been a day, so I’m gonna punk out and just rock the workout recap for the update today. I promise tomorrow to quit being such a sissy and have a bigger update.

Alrighty, let’s get it.

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arnold_201Greetings, all.

As you can see above, Arnold is doing T-Bar Rows, and that’s a great example for my topic today, about variety. There’s something that can be very dangerous to a gym-go’er, especially a newbie, and that’s finding something that works. Be it an exercise, a set or rep range, a program, whatever. What they’re then going to do from there on out is run that sucker into the ground. You come back weeks, months, years later, there’s a damn good chance they’re still going to be doing it, because of the greatest results it once gave you.

However, your favorite _____ can, and will easily turn on you. Matter of fact, it will turn on you to the point where it starts doing more harm than good. Our bodies are insanely efficient, and easily adapt. So while Bent-Over Rows made your lats grow like crazy at the start, after a year of always doing them first in your back routine, the rewards from your effort will dwindle to almost nothing.

So that’s where variety comes in. Now, I’m not talking that bullshit “muscle confusion” that’s become the latest hot phrase thanks to P90X. No, what I’m talking about is changing a routine once every 3 months or so. Changing the order of your exercises, doing supersets where you normally don’t, as well as change the style of the lift. For instance, the T-Bar Row. There are about as many ways to do this move as there are stars in the sky.

137_2Chest Supported T-Bar Row: This one can be a little awkward, you have to position yourself just right, otherwise you’ll crap up in your calves, and there will be a ton of pressure on your chest. However, when you lock in the right position, it’s an absolutely fantastic way to isolate your back, with an incredible range of motion. However, you won’t be able to move much weight at first, it’s a tough lift.

ap-fw-tbar-rowPlatform T-Bar Row: This is like the classic T-Bar Row, only it’s set in place for you, and gives you a platform to use so the range of motion is much deeper. This is a key piece of equipment, because you don’t have to set up the station yourself. My only beef, as with the standard T-Bar, is the initial lift off the ground, because it’s brutal on your lower back. Another plus is these sort of platforms often have different handles, so you can do wide grip, or close grip.

IMG_20150418_034908Classic T-Bar Row: This is of course the classic version of it. Whether you have the bar set in a corner with a dumbbell on it, or one of those metal sheaths for barbells, the T-Bar Row has been around forever. Funny enough they call this version a T-Bar, when most people use a close-grip handle. I included this photo to show a variation of the exercise I do in order to make it safer on your back. First off, use 25lb plates for a greater range of motion, second, I like to set it on a bench, or something about knee high when I’m done. That way, when you start the lift, you start it at a safe, secure place, and aren’t lugging a weight up like a side-ways deadlift. It can be a real strain on your lower back, and because for injury.

So, there we have it. Multiple variations of the same maneuver that you can pick & choose as you please to keep your body guessing and keep things from getting stale. Dig it.

Alrighty, let’s get it.

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arnold-shoulder-pressingGreetings, all.

Busy day today, buckshots. So we’re just rocking the workout update today. But it was an insanely long workout, so do enjoy.

Alrighty, let’s get it.

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arnold-blueprint_day19_graphics-1Greetings, all.

There’s something that people do when they start eating clean, or start dieting, that absolutely drives me crazy. You’ll offer them a bite of say, apple pie, or ask if they want some peanut-butter M&Ms, and they recoil like a vampire at the sun. People get in their heads that junk-food, or food that isn’t egg whites or plain chicken breast is going to annihilate everything they’ve worked so hard for. Or that it’s going to send them down the road of ruin.

Look, it isn’t. It’s perfectly fine to eat crap now and then. Hell, even some cookies, a candy bar, whatever, once everyday would do absolutely nothing to you in terms of bad news. What if it were the other way around? If you ate crap 24/7, and ate a salad once a day, would it matter? Nope. What if you had one  day a week where all you did was eat healthy, would you lose fat & become healthy? Nope. The same goes when it’s the other way around.

When people become “healthy”, if you will, they sometimes act like former alcoholics or drug addicts. They completely change their lives, which is good to change the bad-habits, but don’t go so far that you’re basically controlled by it. Not going places because there won’t be any “healthy” options, refusing to have a beer with some friends, or have some candy on Easter. Live a 90% healthy life, be smart, but also LIVE that life. Indulge, baby. Of course, there are those who simply don’t want to, and that’s fine. I’m saying if you have those cravings, give in once and a while. Don’t deny yourself.

Alrighty, let’s get it.

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arnold-blueprint_day19_graphics-1Greetings, all.

Busy day today, so I’m gonna be a punk and squeak by with just a work-out update. However, I did upload a brand new episode of the Mercy is For The Weak Podcast. For those who don’t know about it, I do a weekly podcast with a good friend of mine where we talk about everything from TV, news, movies, video games, misguided events from our past, and just about everything else under the sun. So, if you have an hour or so to kill, check it out.

Alrighty, let’s get it.

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arnold-bicep-curl-arm-blaster1Greetings all.

Your boy is mobbing all sorts of cinnamon rolls, and he’s going to be lazy and simply make this update about the workout today, which was about as high-volume as you can get without being insane. Seriously, the volume knob on the workout went to 12. Yeah, 12.

Alrighty, let’s get it.

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