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Join me for a leg day

You cats need to try this VPO-10 training. It wears you out, but in a good way. By that 7th and 8th set, you’re weak, despite the fact it’s a lighter weight than what you may be working with. Also, it builds your strength, but keeps the weight at a number that minimizes injury. I’ve read reviews where people get denser, and the muscle hardens more, so that’ll be nice. I’m getting nicer shape, that much I can say in the short time I’ve been doing this.

I just want to put Muscle Milk up front. Awesome stuff. It tastes fantastic, and it’s loaded with a ton of good shit. I’m sure most of you have had it, but I occasionally hear people bad mouthing it, and I say shut your damn mouth, it’s wonderful. Sometimes I sleep with a tub under my pillow.

Today I rocked Legs, and it went a little something like this…

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