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New Youtube Video

In the latest video offering, yours truly shows you how to properly rack your weights at the gym so that everyone knows you’re a boss. Because we’ve all seen it. People leaving weights on the floor, in places they don’t belong, well, I tell you why, and show you how you too can let everyone know you’re the man, or woman.


A Review of The World Bodybuilding Federation’s 1st Championship

Greetings all. Today we take a look at the 3rd part of the WBF’s inaugural Championship, which features one of my all time favorite bodybuilders. If you missed the first two installments, simply scroll down, buckshot.

Alrighty, let’s get it.

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The World Bodybuilding Federation’s 1st Championship Review – Part 2

A few days earlier we took a look at part 1 of the first ever WBF Championships.

Once we’re done with this show, we’ll move on to the second, and final show, and that’s where the fun stories really begin.

As much of a joke that McMahon starting a bodybuilding federation is, the WBF had a lot of hype at it’s inception, and actually didn’t do too bad. Although most people hated the corny characters, Vince was doing a lot to bring bodybuilding to¬† mainstream, and really took care of the athletes. Guys who signed with the WBF were making along the lines of $250,000, and guys like Gary Strydom were clocking in around $900,000. Far and away more money than the IFBB pros who were making $50,000 a year.
I mean, we’re talking about a sport where at the time, guys would fly to shows and not have money to fly home. So certain magazines would agree to fly them home, if they could use pictures of said bodybuilder for free in their mags. For quite a while, bodybuilding was the sport that didn’t love you back, and Vince helped change that.

For those that are too lazy to watch the footage, I included pictures of the bodybuilders. I couldn’t find them all from the show, so you get the next best thing in that instance. Dig it.

Alright, on with the show.


We start up with Mike Christian’s pre-tape. He talks about digging going to the beach with his son, and how when he puts on his ‘Iron Warrior’ hat, he transforms. Then as his posing routine begins, there’s focus on a sword in the center of the stage. It remains there as Mike comes out in chainmail, only for a wench to come along and remove it. Honestly, I was hoping they’d have a segment where Mike disagreed with a judge and cut his head off.
Mike has a fantastic physique, as he was honestly one of the Top 3 bodybuilders in the world at this point. He looks like a Shawn Ray, or Flex Wheeler, but with more symmetry than Flex. His back is insane, and so are his arms. When he does a back double-biceps shot, his triceps look like water balloons just hanging there. Very thick spinal erectors.


Vince Comerford is next, and he’s a real boring cat. He talks about his dogs, his love of golf, and riding his ATV. Man, some of these pre-tapes are boring as hell, as a lot of these cats are not Arnold. You know, unless they are, and have that sort of charisma, let’s just leave their personality behind doors.
His routine starts with footage of a rattlesnake, which at first I thought was onstage, and thought Vince was gonna have him wrangle it or something while he did a most muscular pose or something. This guy is 5’4, but he’s insanely thick. His stomach is a bit big, and his delts don’t hold up when compared to the previous Mike Christian. But he has massive biceps and a super thick back. Something that I’ve noticed is we don’t get very many leg shots, it’s mostly uperbody, and it’s pissing me off.


Johnnie Morant talks about growing up in the projects, and how he digs tennis. Man, why do bodybuilders always get into the most boring sports. Can’t at least one of these guys compete in kumites or something? OK, he comes out in what’s suppose to be an executioner’s mask, but it’s tall and pointy. It looks exactly like a KKK mask, except black. Again, hell of a back. And we finally get some leg shots, as he has massive quads. Unfortunately his stomach is a bit big, and I’m not sure, but he may have a bit of gyno going on.


Mike Quinn is next. Thankfully he doesn’t talk about his turtles and love for Civil War reenactments. Instead we get footage of him on a Harley and working out. Works for me. His back is insanely wide, with super thick arms. We don’t get much in the way of legs again, which is really fucking annoying because we had time for him to dance with two chicks. He looked damn good, especially in the crab shot, but he also looked a bit soft. Still, pretty good stage presence, so that helps.

Incline Bench With 130lb Homemade Dumbbells

Greetings, all.

Brand new video for you guys today. It’s nothing too special, just something I thought was kinda cool, and that you wouldn’t see any where else. My friend Josh, who also happens to be the first ever Geek’s Fitness sponsored athlete is insanely strong. After the 120lb dumbbells being too light, he lamented about wanting 130lb’ers. So I told him to bring in the ducttape, and we’d make the magic happen.
Oh, and take note, he doesn’t drop those things like a bitch, that’s real strength.

Looking Back At Vince McMahon’s The World Bodybuilding Federation and it’s 1st Event – Part 1

For those who may not know, I’m a huge mark for pro-wrestling.

Before Vince thought creating a rival football league was a smart thing to do, he created a bodybuilding federation, The World Bodybuilding Federation to be exact.

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New Q&A Video, Plus A New Strength Wars

Greetings, all.

Now that the holidays are officially good and over with, the Geeks Fitness crew is back in running order. So expect a slew of new videos here soon. Today I’ve got a new Q&A video that I did a while back, and I can really see the 20lbs that I lost. When you see yourself everyday, it can be hard to notice weight loss or gain that isn’t major, but watching videos I did 2-3 months ago, it’s quite apparent. Also, I wanted to share another episode of Strength Wars. This episode¬† is a Street Workout vs Powerlifter, and it’s a damn good match up. I’m honestly surprised by the strength of the Street Workout guy.

Also, don’t forget your boy on the ol’ instagram @CaliberWinfield

What Workouts Should Beginners Do, Plus Some Brock Lesnar Workout Footage

It’s New Years seas0n, and because I work out in a commercial gym, I see a flock of new people. Of course, 99% of them drop off, but a few will stick it out and develop the obsession that we all have. Now, New Years season or not, one of the most common questions in the world of fitness is what type of workouts should a beginner do. In this day and age, there’s so much going on in the world of fitness, with a million different programs that are only serving to confuse the new guys and lead them down the path of worthless results.

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