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Crush Your Enemies, See Them Driven Before You.

Plants grow when you talk to them, so do muscles. Here, my biceps try and tell me Back to the Future is better than BTTF Part 2. Yeah, I don't think so. Today was shoulders, and needless to say, a riproaring good time. Over Head Press – 115×5,5,5,5,5 Barbell Upright Row – 60×8, 70×8,8 Dumbbell Upright Row – 30×8,8,8 Lateral Raises – 17.5×12,12,12,12 Rear Felt Flies – 60×12,12,12,12 Lop Sao – 100 reps each arm. This is a Wing Chun technique that I love. Wing Chun Punches – 10 minute drill Ab Chair – 4 sets of 10-15 SUPERSET WITH Hyper Extensions – Holding a 25lb plate for 4 sets of 10-12 Captain's Chair Leg Raises – 4 sets of 10 with a 15lb dumbbell When I go heavy, I rest 3-5 minutes. Bodybuilding style, 30-60 seconds. #bodybuilding #bodybuilders #powerlifting #powerlifters #powerbuilding #powerbodybuilding #boxing #wingchun #shoulderday #wannabefighter #FatBuffAthlete

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Hot damn, your boy finally figured out how to bring in these damned Instagram images. Good times.

I really dig the hell out of working on a single body part, as you can beat the hell out of it. I’m thinking since it’s such a radical change from the last few years, it should shock the muscles and hopefully yield some new results. Dig it.

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Caliber’s 6-Day Bodybuilding & Powerlifting – Day 32 = Leg Day A – Plus, Why Your Workout Clothes Smell Like Amonia

LegDayASpectacularGreetings, all.

You ever notice that your work-out clothes smell bleachy, like amonia, or almost fish like? It’s pretty gnarly, no? It’s something I started having a problem with. I’d wash them, then the second I started to sweat in them, I’d smell like I worked out with the shark from JAWS or something. It was terrible. I did my research and found that a lot of other people had the same problem, with little to no results.

I don’t know if others brought it on themselves like I did. For a while there, I was only washing my workout clothes every 6 days or so. They never smelled bad, so I figured what the hell. But over time, I think it built up into the fibers. I thought for sure my clothes were done. However, with my research I realized that clothes can have a problem getting clean if certain bacterais or what have you build up in the washing machine. So, I bought this product, some sorta washing-machine cleaner. You run the machine without any clothes, and use the product to clean everything out. I do so, then did a normal wash with my gym clothes, and sure enough, the smell was gone, and hasn’t been seen since.

As for why it smells that way, I have no idea. I think it’s just a build up of bacteria and such that gets deep into the fibers. Either way, it’s fairly easy to deal with. The washing machine cleaner isn’t expensive, and it lasts for quite a while. I’ve had mine for a year, and have only used 2 of the 3 doses. So give it a shot, and it should solve your problems. Dig it.

Alrighty, let’s get it.

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