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Becoming John Wick – June 4th, 2018

Greetings, all.


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Leg Day Makes The World Go ‘Round

Greetings, all.

Leg Day, the day that doesn’t seem to be on the calendar of most gym go-ers.

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Oooh, it’s back day, baby.

I can't think of a clever phrase involving the back at the moment, so heres a picture of my back. I really have missed splitting my training into once a week body part focused. You can just beat the hell out of a body part and become the bear in a flannel shirt you were destined to be. Deadlift – 210×2, 230×2,2,2, 250×2,2,2 Row Machine – 205×10,10,10,10,10 This machine is awesome, because you can twist the handles. Asst Pull Ups- 70lbs off x 8,8,8 Ez Bar Curl – 80×8,8 Hammer Curls – 35×8,8, Wing Chun Punching Drills – 20 minutes Wing Chun Block & Kick Drills – 10 minutes Good times. I'm down to almost 235lb, and I like how it's helping my back finally come in. However, being pale as fuck is doing me zero favors. #powerlifters #powerlifting #bodybuilders #bodybuilding #backday #deadlifts #wingchun #wannabefighter #FatBuffAthlete

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Greetings, all.

Feel like such a damn pro for finally figuring out that damn ordeal with the instagram pictures showing up. So, thumbs up to me.

Last Friday & Saturday was my MMA training days, worked on strikes, mostly, as well as some defense. My buddy Jon, who’s about 6ft, 375lbs, was just bulldozing me and punching the shit out of me when I was at my most tired. It was fucking brutal.

Once Sunday hit, then it was Chest Day. It went a little something like…

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Crush Your Enemies, See Them Driven Before You.

Plants grow when you talk to them, so do muscles. Here, my biceps try and tell me Back to the Future is better than BTTF Part 2. Yeah, I don't think so. Today was shoulders, and needless to say, a riproaring good time. Over Head Press – 115×5,5,5,5,5 Barbell Upright Row – 60×8, 70×8,8 Dumbbell Upright Row – 30×8,8,8 Lateral Raises – 17.5×12,12,12,12 Rear Felt Flies – 60×12,12,12,12 Lop Sao – 100 reps each arm. This is a Wing Chun technique that I love. Wing Chun Punches – 10 minute drill Ab Chair – 4 sets of 10-15 SUPERSET WITH Hyper Extensions – Holding a 25lb plate for 4 sets of 10-12 Captain's Chair Leg Raises – 4 sets of 10 with a 15lb dumbbell When I go heavy, I rest 3-5 minutes. Bodybuilding style, 30-60 seconds. #bodybuilding #bodybuilders #powerlifting #powerlifters #powerbuilding #powerbodybuilding #boxing #wingchun #shoulderday #wannabefighter #FatBuffAthlete

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Hot damn, your boy finally figured out how to bring in these damned Instagram images. Good times.

I really dig the hell out of working on a single body part, as you can beat the hell out of it. I’m thinking since it’s such a radical change from the last few years, it should shock the muscles and hopefully yield some new results. Dig it.

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We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

I have zero idea if these damned instagram photos & videos I post show up. I’m hoping so, otherwise, dammit. If not, as always, @caliberwinfield.

As I discussed last week, your boy has feelings for a gal I can’t have. Feelings that, despite my wants, seem to keep getting worse. I keep getting drunk on Saturdays with my friends and keep edging closer to telling people I shouldn’t tell about it. It’s uh…it’s obnoxious, ya know? Die, feelings, DIE!

OK, enough of the non-cool talk. I decided to really get back into Power Bodybuilding, or Powerbuilding. I was doing weights 6 days a week, hitting each bodypart twice a week, and have been doing that for almost 3 years. So, I decided to switch it up, and now go to 4 days a week, hammering a bodypart once a week, with some stuff mixed in during the MMA days. We’ll see what happens, but I’m expecting to put on about 50lbs of muscle, drop down to 2% bodyfat, and break Olympic records.

Recently I got a heavy bag, and it’s nice being able to just lay punches into something like that. My teacher was showing us how to kick properly the other day, so it’s nice to be able to learn how to use the other 50% of my body as offense. The thing weighs about 80-90lbs, so we also spent like 30 minutes just picking that bad bitch up, and slamming it in all sorts of ways. That was brutal, but fun. I’m also working on my Wing Chun as well, which is a very slow process since I’m having to cobble all my training together from text & online videos.

Alright, here’s what I did today for Back & Biceps Day…

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