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Leg Day Makes The World Go ‘Round

Greetings, all.

Leg Day, the day that doesn’t seem to be on the calendar of most gym go-ers.

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Shoulder Time, Is A Good Time

Greetings, good people.

Today was Shoulders, and that brings the world together.

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Hot Diggity, Back Day

Greetings, all.

Started this bad bitch off with the Stairmaster. I hit 40 flights in 10 minutes. A while ago my goal was 30 in 10 minutes. Few things kick your ass harder than this. I know, the Stairmaster is scary, get over it.

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It’s Not Christmas, It’s Chest Day

Greetings, all.

Today was some Chest Day action, and I think it ended up saving the world.

Stairmaster – 40 flights in 10 minutes.

Flat Bench – 185×5, 205×5,5, 225×5, 210×5,5
The first set I go slow, and pause at the bottom. My right arm was hurt about a week ago, I think from working on my punches too much. I haven’t hit 225lb for a set of 5 in a while, and I was at least 15-20lbs heavier when I did. Speaking of which, I hit 235lb today. Another 15lbs to go.

Hammer Strength Incline Bench – 150×10, 10, 10, 10, 10
I only rest about 60 seconds between these sets, just straight up bodybuilding. Always loved this machine.

Cable Flies – 27.5×12, 9, 8
I wish I could do dumbbell, but these are an awesome substitute.

Wing Chun Punching Drill – There’s 4 different styles of drills. Depending on the day, I either do 100 sets, which ends up with 300 punches, or 5, which is 150. Today I ended up doing about 700 or so. Then I did 100 Lop Saus, which is a favorite Wing Chun technique of mine. You use an arm to knock down their guard arm, and punch them in unguarded, stupid face. I then throw about 50 front/push kicks. These motherfuckers can be tiring.

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy – I build mine out of a Smith Machine, so it’s all steel, and all painful after a while. I do 50 rounds of a basic, 9 move set, and then switch my lead arm and do 50 more.

I did a little shadow boxing, and ended it with a 10 minute run.

Good times today.

I’ll Fight Connor For $100 Million

What’s up, gang.

I thought, perhaps other than just talking about fitness here, I’d also ramble about some other life stuff.

Basically, I have a major, major crush on my good friend’s girlfriend. I’ve never been in love, but I’ve been close, and this feels like that. Obviously, it’s never anything I intended to have happen, and the entire thing is a double-edged sword. The way I feel about her, it’s amazing. She’s funny, interesting, creative, into nerd culture, loyal, and is one of the cutest girls I’ve ever met, who, I recently found out, can also be very sexy. Cute and sexy, that’s a very hard combination to pull off. Like I said, the way I feel about her…it’s amazing, but at the same time, it’s dreadful.
I constantly have to look at her from afar, with someone else. I constantly have to refrain from telling her I absolutely think the world of her, that for the life of me, I can’t understand why she has low self-esteem, because she could have the world at her feet. The only thing I want as much as her, is for her to see herself the way I do.
I pride myself on being a machine, ya know. No emotions unless they’re needed, but especially not in terms of dating or women. I didn’t give a shit. Then she came into my life. My soulless streak, she broke it. Now she’s all I fucking think about. Everything reminds me of her. A damn mail box can remind me of her.

I don’t know what to do. I imagine just time and a lot of lamenting.

OK, enough of the doom & gloom, let’s talk about Monday’s routine. It’s Leg Day plus a ton of striking work.

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Back in action, and it’s a damn good time.

Greetings, all. Again, I don’t know if the photos I post here from instagram show up. If not, then head on over to IG and check your pal out @CaliberWinfield. I just updated with a progress photo, as I’m about 10-15lbs down.

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The Weekend Going-Ons

Greetings, all.

Over at me Instagram page I have a new video up with showing you cats a favorite lift of mine, a Dumbbell Clean & Press. It’s a great tool for building functional, real world strength.

Good times on the weekend. Friday was MMA class, still at the boxing stage. I worked a lot with the mits, or focus pads, if you will. A lot of jabs & crosses, the important basics. Did a lot of ab work, which hurt, especially the part where we just flex and the other guy punches your abs for 60 seconds.

On Saturday it was basically the same as Friday, damn good times. Beyond the martial arts portion of it, there’s also some intense aerobic work. Running, bear crawls, Spider-Man crawls, walking push-ups, frog jumps, burpees, it can be damn near crippling.

Sunday Night was great. It looked like this…

Bench – 185,190,195,200,225×6
Gonna switch it up for the next few weeks and go for a higher rep range on the strength based exercises.

Pendlay Rows – 135×6,6,6,6,8

Dumbbell Clean & Press – 50×3,3,3, 55×3,3

Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension – 25×3 sets to failure
Dumbbell Curls – 25×3 sets to failure

Bodyweight Skullcrushers – 2 sets to failure
Hammer Curls – 40×2 sets till failure

Forearm Curls – 6 sets

Cardio – ran a mile in 13 minutes
Yeah, I know, running a mile in 13 minutes ain’t shit, but I’m proud. 6 weeks ago when I started running again, and could barely run for 3 minutes straight. So, being able to run a mile non-stop makes your boy feel like Robocop on the shoulders of Rambo.

Jab/Cross w/5lb Weights – I hold a 5lb Weight in each hand, and continually throw my jab & cross until failure. Then I rest for a few seconds, then go again until I reach 100 reps.