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Shoulder Time, Is A Good Time

Greetings, good people.

Today was Shoulders, and that brings the world together.

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Crush Your Enemies, See Them Driven Before You.

Hot damn, your boy finally figured out how to bring in these damned Instagram images. Good times.

I really dig the hell out of working on a single body part, as you can beat the hell out of it. I’m thinking since it’s such a radical change from the last few years, it should shock the muscles and hopefully yield some new results. Dig it.

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The 30 Day Let’s Get It Extravaganza! Days 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Greetings, all.

I thought I’d save up a few days worth to give you guys something to read.

These are brutal workouts. They last from 90-120 minutes, and by the end, you’re toast. But it’s a good kind that ensures you’re gonna sleep well, and let’s you know you got some shit done, improving strength, endurance, and size. Good times, baby.

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Arnold’s Blueprint – Day 1&2



Your boy Cal, looking super smart, getting hella knowledge on those gains!

I’ve got a new computer, so we’re back in business baby, and what better way than to start up another round of Arnold’s Blueprint. My all time favorite workout, baby.

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I’m Back! A Barbell Didn’t Crush My Skull.


This is my Street Fighter II “you win” pose. You know, for the day they retroactively put me in the game.

As you can see, I’ve lost more weight. I’ve also put on a little size too with all the extra food I’ve been taking in. My numbers are creeping up on the strength lifts too, so everything is going along nicely, thumbs up, baby.

I apologize for being completely MIA. My computer is a super old, super piece of crap, and updating this site is a slow process, along with getting the photo and everything. Plus, I do the updates on my Instagram everyday too. However, I’m working on combining all of my websites into one, so there’s that going down, and I’m working on getting a new computer, so I can make these posts no problem.

Since I’ve been dogging it, I thought I’d give you guys the last 3 days of workouts to go over. So, let’s hop on the good foot, baby.

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The Next Three Months Workout – Day 2 – Shoulders & Arms – A


Today’s episode of Working Shoulders & Arms And Doing Pancake Stacks Harm is brought to you by that episide of Saved By The Bell where Screech could see the future.

Walking to and from the gym a few times a week is a chore, but it’s taking the fat off me. Honestly though, it’s at a price. I start at around 12am, and on the days I walk to the gym I’m on my feet for a little over 4 hours, constantly moving, and two of those hours are lifting weights as well. So I’m damn exhausted when it’s all said and done.

I’ve changed up my workout. Changed the exercises, reps, sets, and bodypart selection. Instead of Push/Pull/Legs, I go Chest&Back/Shoulders&Arms/Legs/repeat. I start off each major bodypart with a strength exercise for 6 sets of 3, then try and work a strength building movement that’ll help build some explosive/real world kinda strength, I dunno, kinda playing it by ear as far as that. Then the rest is straight bodybuilding, all sets till failure kinda thing.

Over Head Press – 125,125,135,145,155,165×3
I’ve been keeping 165 for 3 as my max set until all thrre reps were textbook. It happened today, but I’m gonna give it one more week.

Dumbbell Clean & Press – 40×8, 50×5, 55×4, 4
I’m chasing after real world, practical strength. Each rep was dumbbells in hand, arms at my side, get them up, press, back down by my side, repeat. These were awesome. They wear you out, and really ramp up the cardio system.

Lateral Raises – 15,10,5×3
3 rounds of drop sets, each set until failure

Front Raise – 4×10, each set till failure
Superset With
Rear Delt Cable Flies – 4×7.5, each set till fail

Tricep Pressdown – 3×50, each set till fail
Superset with
Dumbbell Hammer Curl – 3×22.5, each set till fail

Incline Skullcrushers – 3×65, each set till fail
Super w/
EZ Bar Curl – 3×65, each set till failure

Triceps Rope Pressdown – 3×50, each set till fail
Super w/
Straight Bar Curl – 3×65, each set until fail

Hanging Leg Raises – 3 sets of 10

Ab Crunch Machine – 3×140 sets of 6-8