Geek’s Fitness is the only group out there dedicated to bringing you the world of fitness mixed with all things nerd-culture, from comics, to movies, pro-wrestling, and more. We’re the only place to find reviews, workouts, memes, youtube videos, and eventually merchandise. Everyone working here walks the walk, as we all hit the iron, then argue over who’d win a fight; Hulk Hogan from 1987 or Darth Vader. Other websites may soon attempt what we’re doing, but won’t have the style, the humor, the knowledge, the experience, the discursiveness, the production, or the down-right good looks. Spread the word.

The Geek’s Fitness team is:

Matt Craggs – In charge of all things pertaining to video production. Likes Star Wars more than Star Trek, recently started the Stronglifts program, and is digging the results.

Mike Parra – A long time member of the fitness game, Mike has done it all, from Bodybuilding, to Powerlifting, to Crossfit and everything in between. He often works out dressed like The Ultimate Warrior.

Caliber Winfield – The man who kept yelling at the TV “The Snuggie is just a backwards bathrobe! WHY ARE YOU BUYING IT?!” is a die-hard fan of fitness, and despises how the industry has now set out to take advtanage of people. His hope is that Geek’s Fitness will be known to all as a place for no BS information, and no BS results. His prefered training mehtod is Power-Building, which is a mix of bodybuilding & powerlifting. He’s done it all from Heavy Duty [HIT], to FST-7, Stronglifts, standard bro-splits and everything else under the sun.  He hopes one day to become The Punisher’s sidekick.


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