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The Super Soldier Workout – Day 51


Today’s episode of Swole House is brought to you in part by getting 50,000 points on Double Dragon.
If your chest is lacking, Flies and Dumbbell Bench are always the answer. I use to just have a thick chest, but recently I really started focusing on the top portion, and it’s paid off, as I’ve really got some Shelf Chest going on. Ooh wee, look at them titty gains!

Alrighty, let’s have a looksee at today’s Push Day B.

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The Super Soldier Serum Day 45


This episode of Shirtless & Plotting Something With Sinister Intent While Looking Sexy And Fat Buff As The Gods Intended is brought to you by Instant Oatmeal – Apple & Cinnamon Flavor (4 packets per meal, baby). The other day while dog walking I caught my reflection in a window and took it in for a minute. Reason being, I realized I’ve truly achieved the body/look that I’ve been after for so long. It was a great goddamn feeling, and one I hope everyone gets to someday, or is already there. Even if you aren’t working out, just to be able to look at yourself and be totally happy without how you look is awesome.

But don’t think for a second your pal Cal is on cruise control, just because Mario ate a mushroom doesn’t mean he stopped looking for the goods. I’m trying to get that metaphorical Tanooki Suit, baby!

Alright, lets talk some Push Day B action.

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The Super Soldier Serum Workout – Day 39

Greetings, all.

Today I was a bit crunched for time, so instead of doing 5×5 on the first two compound exercises, I went for 4 sets of 6. 6 is a good number, right in that sweet spot of strength & hypertrophy. Plus I wanted to see if I could nab 4 constant sets of 6, and see if my strength has really increased.

I took this update pic the other day. I haven’t measured, but I’d say my legs are still 30 inches each, but with a little less fat than last time. Check yesterday’s update to see what I’ve been doing for my legs.

Alright, let’s get into the Push Day B action from earlier today.

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The Super Soldier Serum Workout – Day 34

Greetings, all.

I’m loving this program, but I’m giving some thought to perhaps doing a 6 day, upper/lower split. It’d be three days upper body, and 3 days lower. Major compound lifts, smaller accessory stuff. I think it’d really help me to build up the major lifts.

Now, you guys are making the truly wise choice of following me on Instagram, right? Right?

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Super Soldier Serum Workout – Day 29

Greetings, all.

Yesterday we talked about the upcoming Captain America film, Civil War. Today let’s chit-chat about the other side of that coin, Batman vs Superman.

When I first heard about this movie many years ago, I wasn’t too sure. I thought it was DC trying to make up for the completely terrible and unnecessary film, Man of Steel. You know, where they tried to make a Batman film with Superman in it.

As the trailers kicked in, Batman vs Superman really started taking shape and looking awesome. Affleck looks awesome, and the fight scenes look incredible. I love the shot of Batman running into the giant wall of debris dust while everyone else runs away. I think his suit looks awesome, and I’m very interested to see other pivotal Batman characters in this world.

One thing I don’t like is that they’ve crammed too much into this movie. I mean, in one trailer we have Batman, Superman, Luthor, Wonder Woman, and Doomsday. C’mon, the movie is called “Batman vs Superman”. I’m sold. That’s what I want to see. The movie isn’t called Batman vs Superman vs Luthor vs Doomsday And Here’s Wonder Woman. Hopefully they do right by this, because it’s a big deal.

Alright, let’s get into the workout, shall we?

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The Super Soldier Serum Workout – Day 23

Greetings, all.

You know, I recently joined the world of Instagram, and one thing I’ve learned is that any girl or guy with a half decent body is touting themselves as a fitness expert with an ebook, programs, and an endorsement from a supp company no one has ever heard of. It’s pathetic. What makes it even worse is the fact they’re simply out to take advantage of all the gullible people out there who don’t know anything about fitness. And honestly, I don’t blame people looking to hire a ‘guru’ of sorts, because trying to learn about this world can be frustrating.

Hell, google “proper bench press form” and you get a million answers. 30 years ago fat was the enemy, all fat. Then we learned that fat is awesome, and you only need to avoid transfat. 16 years ago we started hearing that carbs were the enemy, and everyone quit eating them. Then we learned that, wait, no, they’re very crucial. Then when it comes to training, there’s a billion different forms out there. There’s so much information and misinformation that to a beginner can be discouraging, hence why they want to hire someone to inform them. And that’s where these jackass con-artists come in. These people who’ve hit the weights for about a year, never actually had to diet to lose fat, are on steroids [I have no problem with steroids at all, so long as you aren’t lying and saying you’re natural in order to make money], they’re photoshopping their pictures, and the girls are getting ass implants and then selling e-books on how to “build your booty” [for the record, there’s only ONE woman I’d trust with that, and it’s Nicole Austin].

Beyond all those fakes and scammers, I see the personal trainers at commercial gyms, and they’re just as disgraceful. For one, none of them look like they’ve ever put on an ounce of muscle, most are naturally skinny and have never actually had to try and lose fat, and most insulting, they hundreds of dollars for one 45 minute session, it’s disgusting. I do some personal training as well as online coaching, and I could never, EVER even dream of charging that much to someone who just needs help. It’s deplorable.

Alright, enough of me ranting, let’s become Super Soldiers, baby.

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The Super Soldier Serum Workout – Da7 17

Greetings, all.

I’m not sure what’s going on with WordPress, but it’s being unruly. I had a progress photo to upload, along with the new advice article, but wordpress is giving me all sorts of shit. So, I’m going to attempt to just update with the workout, and then try again tomorrow.

Today was Push Day B, and it went a little something like this….

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