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Caliber’s 6-Day Bodybuilding & Powerlifting Spectacular – Day 33 – Push Day B – Plus, We Talk A Little Intensity


I keep logs of every workout I’ve done for the last 5 years. A couple months ago I reached into my bag to take a look at a book from a while ago, to see how it was matching up with what I was doing, because I was repeating the same workout. I found a lot of progress, but on one lift I saw that I was doing the same weight for the same reps. I then decided to up the weight and the reps and realized that I was taking it easy on myself, I thought I was going hard, thought that I wasn’t slacking, but realized that in fact, I was. Another great reason to keep log books, you can check back and see where you were, compared to where your at, to further help you get where you want to be.
Going “balls out” all the time isn’t good for you, and isn’t gonna help you grow. It’s a cliche, but the phrase “stimulate, don’t annihilate” is perfect, and how I really started to grow. If going your absolute hardest, going to failure, is working for you, then rock on. But let’s be honest, for most, it isn’t. But don’t slack. I see so many people who never sweat when they workout, which blows my mind. If you’re doing bodybuilding style workouts, then you don’t need to rest for any longer than a minute. That keeps the intensity high, and really works the area you’re targeting. For instance, I bench pretty decent numbers, but when I only rest a minute, sets of 155 for 10 reps is all I can do, and it’s painful. You don’t have to go super heavy, so you can save your joints, and keep form tight. Before you know it, you’ll get some serious weight moving, so don’t worry about it. But that’s why I always recommend doing powerbuilding style workouts. So you can focus on moving the big numbers, and then get on to building big muscle. Dig it.

Pre-Workout: 24oz of Gatorade, 20g of Whey Isolate, 1g of Kre-Alkalyn Creatine.

Intra-Workout: 36oz of Gatorade mixed with a serving of Modern BCAA that has a profile of 8:1:1, and another shaker that contains 40g of Whey Isolate.

The first compound sets are done in the style of the 5/3/1 program, with the weight based on a percentage of my max lift. The first week it’s 65, 75, and 85% of your max, in sets of 5. However, on the final set you do as many as possible. The second week it’s 70, 80, and 90 all sets for 3, again, except for the final one. Finally, the 3rd week is 75, 85, 95, with the sets going 5, 3, 1. Then the 4th week is a deload week, with all sets at just 5 reps, and the percentage real low, such as 40, 50, and 60.  I usually rest 2-3 minutes when things get heavy.
With the following compound hypertrophy based lifts, they’re on a 3 month schedule. During the first month they’re done at 50% of my max, and I rest at the absolute most 60 seconds. The second month is 60% of your training max, and the 3rd month is 70%, then you start all over with your higher maxes, of course. That much volume with such little rest gives you a great pump and wears you out pretty well. The following sets that are 3 sets of 12-15, as I go for the pump. I only rest 30 seconds, and just look to burn things out.

Over-Head Press – 125×3, 140×3, 160×6

Man alive, there are few things more…I don’t know, hardcore, I guess is the term I’m looking for, than when you’ve got some heavy shit to press over head. When it’s real heavy, and I’m getting close to failure, I seriously feel like my entire body comes into play to help. Like my freaking toe-nails help out when it gets rough.

Flat Bench – 135×10, 155×10, 10, 10, 10

Ya know, you always hear about how the bench press isn’t that great a pec builder, but I may have to call some bullshit. We’ll see in a month or so after I keep at it with the high-rep benching. I’ve been going low rep for y ears, but since last week I’ve been doing 5 sets of 10, and I’ve been getting a massive pump, and it’s worn out my pecs tremendously.

Asst Dips – 90lbs off 269lb bodyweight -10, 10, 10, 10, 10

I was reading about how Dips are one of, if not the greatest pec builder out there. On top of that, it builds just about everything else, and really puts some strength on you. Love me some dips.

Dumbbell Pullover – 40×10, 10, 10

The most underrated move for chest out there. Everybody loves the flies, and totally neglects the awesome Pullover.

Lateral Shoulder Raise – 20, 15, 10, 5×2

The rep range was about 6-8, and I would stop a rep or so before failure. This was done as one giant drop set done twice. For the first set I did them standard, but slow and controlled, and on the second go-round, I leaned forward a bit and brought the dumbbells in front of me to create a greater range of motion.

Medicine Ball Throw – 4 sets of 5

I was switching from the over-head slam, and the type where it’s like passing a basketball to someone. I really liked these, and they were a great way to finish up the workout.

Post-Workout:1g of Kre-Alkalyn Creatine, 20 minutes later I have 5g of Glutamine and 30g of Whey Isolate.


Caliber’s 6-Day Bodybuilding & Powerlifting Spectacular – Day 27 – Push Day B


Running super late today, so, let’s get into the action.

Alrighty, let’s get it.

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Caliber’s 6 Day Powerbuilding Workout Routine – Day 21 – Push Day B – Plus, new Leg Day video

pushdaybGreetings, all.

Before we get to the action, I’ve got a new video for you cats. It’s a leg workout that I recorded a while ago, and I gotta say, it’s pretty sexy. You can check that bad boy out right here.

Alrighty, let’s get it.

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Caliber’s 6 Day Powerbuilding Workout Routine – Day 15 – Push Day B

pushdaybGreetings, all.

I filmed today’s workout, and you good people should be seeing it in about a week or so. I’ve got a new video coming up today, so tune into the youtube channel, or check back tomorrow and I’ll post it here.

Alrighty, lets get it.

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Caliber’s Powerbuilding Workout Routine – Day 9 – Push Day B

pushdaybGreetings, all.

OK, remember how yesterday I talked about keeping my legs extended in between the second to last and last set of the cable leg press because I heard you got a great pump? Well, lemme advise against that now. Before I went to bed, I noticed my lower back hurting. The kinda hurt you feel when you’ve been laying down too long. It was pretty sensitive when I woke up, and I think that was caused by the static hold that I did. When I read about this idea, it was talking about doing it with a Hack Squat, which I think would be a hell of a lot better. So, learn from my mistakes, it’s what your boy Caliber is here for.

Alrighty, let’s get it.

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Caliber’s Powerbuilding Spectacular – Day 3 – Push Day B

pushdaybGreetings all.

Mike has finally joined the team, and will bring quite a bit of good to the website, despite the fact he’s a Crossfitting sissy who had to take up that sport because he felt that instead of learning good weight-lifting form, he’d simply join a cult where that was the whole point. You may have noticed he takes a few shots at me, and that’s because he’s jealous of my fat buffness. One time in an airport he was stopped because he was smuggling ski-poles in his pants, which turned out to be his legs.

Alrighty, let’s get it.

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