Lesnar By The Day – Day 62 – Chest

Greetings, all.

Alright, a little catch-up from the past few days….

Had a back day, rocked the Deadlift for quite a few sets of 325 for 2, and a final set, as well as a PR, of 2 at 355. Did some Dumbbell Rows, and Lat Pulldowns. The next day I had boxing, where we did a few drills, and sparred, working on getting me to be more aggressive.

Fast forward to today, the holiest of holy, Chest Day.

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Lesnar By The Day – Day 59 – Legs

Greetings, all.


Just a picture of me clowning around with bae, she always hates when I sneak in the bunny ears on her.

I tell you, I may be the only one besides Conor who wants the rematch with Khabib. To me, this feels like a Rocky 3 situation. He underestimated Khabib, he hadn’t been in the octagon in 2 years, Conor deserves a shot at redemption. Everyone thought he couldn’t do it against Nate for the rematch, and he proved them wrong. Perhaps there are better fights for both of them, but I’d like to see that rematch. Although, Khabib fighting again in the US is a toss up at this point. We’ll see.

Alright, now it’s time for everyone’s favorite day at the gym: Leg Day!

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Lesnar By The Day – Day 58 – Back & Chest

Greetings, all.


That’s a shot from class the other day when we were sparring. This particular round you were allowed to throw as many jabs as you wanted, and only had 5 crosses and one hook. Not easy keeping track. I caught my boy with a jab here as he was rushing in, and my coach caught it on camera, lucky day for the Caliber man.

Alright, let’s get to the last couple days….

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Lesnar By The Day – Day 56 -Back & Traps, MMA

Greetings, all.

How is everyone doing today? It’s October, and your boy is high on the hog. October is easily my favorite month, as I’m a huge horror fan, and in general a huge fan of the culture and aesthetics that come with Halloween.

Of course, there’s the Halloween movie coming out. It’s funny, because you can literally do whatever you want in Hollywood, rules, continuity be damned. I mean, we’ve had the Halloween canon for 40 years, and this movie just went “Nah, fuck all that, the 1st one exists, and that’s it”. Which is funny, because now if you go with their continuity, it’ll be Halloween, followed by it’s sequel, Halloween. I can only imagine what other studios are gonna do with other franchises. It’s literally wide open now. for better, and of course, for worse.

Alright, let’s take a look at my most recent training day, shall we?

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Lesnar By The Day – Day 55 – Heavy Lower Body

Greetings, all.

Anyone else looking forward to the fight this weekend? Hell, I know folks who aren’t even into fighting that are gonna go to a bar for it. Needless to say, I think the UFC and Conor are going to make a few dollars. I know I’m a fan of Conor, but I legit think he’s gonna win. He’s been tested, and beaten world class champions time and time again. Khabib has only fought guys in the Top 5 twice. Twice! Now he’s facing arguably the greatest fighter in the history of the UFC? I just don’t think that decision is going to end well for him. I do think he’ll give Conor a bit of a run for his money however, because he’s a tough kid and can wrestle, something similar to when Conor faced Chad Mendez.

Alright, let’s see what’s going on with your boy in the dungeon…

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