Arnold’s Blueprint – Days 3 & 4


Greetings, gents.

Got a double dose for you, the beautiful people, today. Legs, Chest & Back.

Let’s get it…

Squat – 95×8, 115×8,8, 125×8, 135×8
I’ve been keeping reps low for years, so I went full bitch here to test the waters. Felt good.

Stiff Leg Dead – 70×8,8,8,8,8

Good Mornings – 45×8,8,8,8,8
Always keep these bad bitches light. They’re great for the lower back, glutes, and hammies, but they’ll fuck you up if you let’em. Bruce Lee screwed his back up doing just these very things.

Single Leg Leg Press – 100×8,8,8,8,8

Leg Extension – 75×20,20,20,20,20
Leg Curl – 40×20,20,20,20,20
These were done Rambo style, that means all done back to back, non-stop. Good times.

Standing Calf Raise – 5 sets to fail
Sitting Calf – 5 sets to fail

Ab Chair – 3 sets of 30
This is an awesome chair that allows you to swivel the seat to the left and ride, to work your obliques. So, I did 10 each side, and 10 for the front, that was a set.

Alright, chest & back time, baby.

Flat Bench – 90×30, 135×12, 155×10, 185×8, 205×6
Killed it compared to a few days ago. I was able to get the 185 for 8 no problem, and 205 for 6. People who say bench doesn’t build pecs are full of shit, I get an insane pump from this bad boy.

Incline Bench – 95×12, 115×10, 125×8, 135×8
I’m happy to be getting back to this bad boy. It was never a massive favorite of mine, but you can never have to thick an upper chest.

Cable Flies – 20×15, 30×10, 35×8, 42.5×6
Dumbbell Pullovers – 40×12,10,8,6
I’m in love with this superset. Do those Pullovers, baby.

Asst Pull Ups – 30lbs off x 3, 3, 50×4,4
The Pullovers work the Lats so well that they’re done by the time it’s Pull-Up time.

Bent Over Row – 135×12, 155×10, 175×8, 185×6
T-Bar Row – 45×12, 55×10, 65×8, 75×6
Again, I’m in love with this superset. Try it, it gives you an INSANE pump, and it makes my Lats look like fucking batwings.


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